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15 spectacular 4th of July email campaign ideas & inspirations

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US Independence Day celebrations bring fireworks, picnics, parades, and 4th of July email marketing campaigns for us to share with you! So, let’s dive into some inspiration from these examples, best practices, and materials that will help you create Fourth of July email promotions that delight and engage your audience.

4th of July celebrations sweep across the nation a few weeks after the start of summer and put many consumers in the mood to travel, get together with friends and have fun. Your 4th of July email marketing campaigns can join in this spirit of celebration even if you aren’t selling picnic and party supplies. 


In the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July and on the big day, 

🧨️ Send email marketing campaigns that recognize the return of summer, the pleasures of sunny days, and time with friends and family. 

🧨️ Offer useful tips for having a safe and enjoyable 4th of July. 

🧨️ Deliver deals and promotions to your subscribers’ inboxes for the products or services they’re in the mood to buy. 

🧨️ Use messaging that links your brand to the positive emotions surrounding the 4th of July festivities. 

This post is all about improving your 4th of July email marketing strategy. You’ll discover where to find Fourth of July email templates and draw inspiration from the 15 Fourth of July email promotions we gathered here. 

Want to jump ahead?

4th of July email examples and ideas Pre-seed your July 4th with June campaigns that build interest and excitement.
Add value by offering useful information to improve subscribers’ 4th of July experiences.
Send 4th of July email messages that create demand for your products or services.
Suggest the products you know subscribers will love for their Independence Day outings.
Capture last-minute shoppers with just-in-time deals in your 4th of July email promotions.
Rescue your subscribers from procrastination and save them money with a last-minute deal for the 4th of July.
Let subscribers in on a perfectly-timed VIP deal.
Introduce limited-edition products in a celebratory 4th of July email message.
Leverage themes of patriotism and love for the USA in your Independence Day email campaigns.
Join the 4th of July celebrations, even if you’re a B2B company.
Send your subscribers, customers, or clients a Happy 4th of July email.
Keep the engagement and sales flowing with promotional newsletters for the 4th of July and after.
How to write great 4th of July email subject lines 30 words or phrases to use in your July 4th email subject lines
Where to get July 4th email templates and graphics Fourth of July email best practices and campaign tips Time to send those 4th of July email campaigns and let them shine with everything that is your brand

4th of July email examples and ideas 

There’s no such thing as the summer doldrums when it comes to email marketing. 

Despite summer’s reputation for being a period of low sales, a lot of overlapping sales events are vying for consumers’ attention in July.

Some brands launch or continue sales in July to compete with Amazon’s June Prime Day event. Other businesses use “Christmas in July” or “Black Friday in July” to attract early shoppers and balance their inventories. 

Businesses marketing summertime products and services count on July to maintain their sales momentum and clear out stock. 

Consumer subscribers expect businesses to give them a reason to purchase. They also don’t give brands a break from engagement opportunities. If you’re not there, someone else will snatch that. 

That’s why we’ll start by preparing with 4th of July email marketing ideas and examples so that once it’s upon us, the right strategy will be in place.

Pre-seed your July 4th with June campaigns that build interest and excitement.

Kick off your 4th of July email campaigns with reminders to stock up on party supplies, cooking ingredients, and the perfect outfits or accessories for picnicking and watching fireworks.

📧 Roberts Ferry Gourmet foods gets a head start on stocking its customers’ pantries for the 4th of July celebrations. 

Subject line and preview text: A Fourth of July Staple  🎆- Shop gourmet popcorn for your festive get-together.

Roberts Ferry Gourmet sells flavored popcorn which is a perfect treat for get-togethers and parties. The brand reminded its subscribers to place their orders in a June 22 email campaign with a 4th of July themed subject line. 

The header image was customized for the Fourth of July, too. The brand displays products in the iconic USA colors of red, white and blue. 

Roberts Ferry keeps its email design simple, on-brand and product focused while also making a point (pun intended) to direct subscribers to its social media pages. 

Add value by offering useful information to improve subscribers’ 4th of July experiences.

Not every email campaign has to be a sales promotion. Build relationships and draw consumers to you by using the weeks surrounding the Fourth of July to send informational and community-building campaigns as well. 

Share your brand values, invite subscribers to join your brand community, support the causes they care about, offer camping, picnic food prep, and fireworks safety tips, or suggest party games and ideas. 

📧 Puford pet supplies speaks to what matters to its audience in a July 4 informational newsletter. 

The subject line and preview text: [article] The Little-Known Dangerous 4th of July Item for Dogs 🐕- Hint… it’s NOT necessarily fireworks 

Pupford helps its subscribers take care of their pets with an informational campaign sent on the 4th of July. 

Many people already know that fireworks can be frightening for humans and pets. Pupford used its subject line and preview text to trigger curiosity and offered added value by alerting subscribers that its article discussed other dangers. 

Pupford wins audience loyalty by showing them that the brand cares about what they care about–their pets. 

Send 4th of July email messages that create demand for your products or services.

Years before email was a thing, CPG brands realized that the more people used their products, the more they could sell. (Yeah, it’s not rocket science.) 

Shampoo brands added ‘rinse and repeat’ to their bottles, and packaged food manufacturers distributed recipes that used their products. You can thank this tactic for the appearance of Jello and mayonnaise in unexpected dishes.

This tactic can be used during the July 4 and other holiday campaign seasons to increase demand and sales for your products. 

Send subscribers recipes, how-to guides, or product recommendations that make them want to stock up on your products before Independence Day. 

📧 Misfit Market gets the word (and recipes) out early in a pre-4th of July email. 

Subject line and preview text: 4th of July Shopping Starts Now + What’s in Our Boxes This Week – Plus, why upcycling is the future of the food system.

Misfit Market packages seasonal produce that doesn’t always look pretty into easy-to-order collections for consumers who want to eat well and prevent food waste. 

All the images in this June 22 email evoke thoughts of summer celebrations. The headline graphic is a tasty image of a recipe that uses seasonal produce like the kind Misfit Market delivers. Yum! 

There’s also a reminder that “it’s time to stock your Fourth of July cooler” encouraging subscribers to order organic win bundles before June 27 to get a good deal and delivery on time. 

“Let’s hear it for the red, white, and… organic wines!” says the Fourth of July-themed tagline. 

Suggest the products you know subscribers will love for their Independence Day outings. 

Gift guides and product recommendation emails help your subscribers overcome information overload and give you a chance to present a curated collection of the items you think they’ll like. 

For the 4th of July, pick items that match the colors, activities or emotional themes of the holiday to guide your subscribers toward a purchase. 

📧 Pura Vida Bracelets curates a collection of colorful bands for its “4th of July Essentials” shopping list.

Subject line and preview text: Claim Your FREEBIE + FREE Shipping ❤️🤍💙- Our Top 5 Picks for the Fourth

Pura Vida Bracelets tagline is “live free” and this Independence Day email campaign lives up to the ideal. Subscribers who make a purchase during the 4th of July weekend sale receive a free bracelet and free shipping. 

Customers can also take advantage of the e-commerce brand’s buy now, pay later option and receive a $10 credit for referring a friend. 

This July 4th promotional email presents subscribers with a stack of bracelets from which to choose in shades of red, white and blue. The design’s primary colors of white and turquoise evoke a tropical summer vibe. 🌴

📧 Tattly Temporary Tattoos presents suitably seasonal tattoos in its Independence Day promotion. 

Subject line and preview text: Ready for the 4th of July? – Tattly for Independence Day! 

Tattly invites subscribers to cover themselves with style at July 4th gatherings with a selection of summer, fireworks and freedom themed temporary tattoos. 

An animated GIF shows people wearing several of the recommended products in different settings, emphasizing that there’s a to match every personality. 

Tattly’s newsletter also included a curated selection of content just for fun. There’s also a note reminding subscribers that every order includes a free gift: an ‘emperor penguins’ tattoo. 

Capture last-minute shoppers with just-in-time deals in your 4th of July email promotions.

A counterbalance to the “shop early” strategy is the “it’s not too late” appeal. Use a timely email marketing campaign to tell your subscribers they can still make a reservation or order in time for delivery before July 4. 

This type of holiday email campaign appeals to procrastinator and impulse buyer personas. 👍

📧 KAYAK invites subscribers to explore their travel options before the 4th of July weekend. 

Subject line and preview text: The easiest way to make plans for the Fourth   – Our tool will show you where to go for less.

“Take a last-minute trip for America’s birthday,” suggests travel comparison and booking site KAYAK in a June promotional campaign.

The text reminds subscribers that it’s not too late to book a trip for the coming July 4th holiday weekend and explains how to easily find affordable options. 

Reinforcing this campaign’s theme, the CTA button says, “Find Fourth Flights.”

Rescue your subscribers from procrastination and save them money with a last-minute deal for the 4th of July. 

Have you ever tried to buy a swimsuit in the US in July? It’s a lot harder than you might think. Pools typically open on Memorial Day in May. By the time July rolls around, many local retailers are out of stock. 

E-commerce brands can take advantage of this dearth of options to promote items that consumers might not find at the store next door. 

Send your subscribers promotions for the items they want and need right now. 

Keep your inventory moving by adding persuasive appeals such as urgency and scarcity to your 4th of July email promotions. 

📧 Swimsuits for all clears seasonal inventory with a “last day” countdown sale on the 4th of July. 

Subject line and preview text: 💸 LAST CHANCE: Up to 75% OFF for the 4th of July! – Last Call Up to 75% off + 50% off highest price 

Swimsuits for all sent subscribers a July 4th final call offering clearance prices and extra savings for subscribers who buy two or more suits. 

The email’s design is suitably themed for the Fourth of July, featuring stars, American flags, and design graphics and product images in red, white, and blue.  

A faux, animated countdown timer in this 4th of July email’s banner intensifies the urgency while the stackable savings encourage impulse buys. 

📧 SCVI Fashion urged subscribers to buy on July 4 with a last-chance countdown message. 

Subject line and preview text: LAST CHANCE for 50%+ OFF Summer Sale Ends @ Midnight

This last chance 4th of July email message includes an animated countdown clock to give the message a heightened sense of urgency. This campaign began on June 30 and employed the popsicle theme across several messages through July 4. 

The limited-time sale message in this campaign series is complemented by an invitation to join the brand’s rewards program and displays linking subscribers to the ICVI Instagram page and its blog. The dynamic reward points total panel at the bottom of this July promotional email personalizes this email. 

Let subscribers in on a perfectly-timed VIP deal.

Customer loyalty can be almost as difficult to gain as customer data. A loyalty and rewards or VIP membership program can help you get both. Subscribers enrolled in your customer loyalty program are more likely to volunteer personal information and make purchases to earn rewards from your brand. 

Use seasonal sales campaigns and exclusive offers for summer merchandise to increase loyalty program participation and sales. 

📧 REI reminds subscribers that July is prime camping season and offers them a members’ only deal. 

Subject line and preview text: 4th of July Deals Just for Members – Members get the best from our 4th of July Sale & Clearance 

REI put camping gear on sale in the weeks leading up to July 4 and invited non-members to join the REI club to save. 

REI wasn’t just selling products in this summertime email campaign. Members were also invited to book their summer travel adventures before July 4 to save 10%. 

Separate “Shop Now,” “Become a Member,” or Start Planning” CTA buttons guide subscribers to the landing page for the deal they want to get. 

Introduce limited-edition products in a celebratory 4th of July email message. 

Limited-edition and seasonal products attract consumers with curiosity, exclusivity, and urgency. Offering new items to try also gives your customers an excuse to buy something even if they aren’t due for a replenishment. 

Hitch your new product release to the excitement and sparkle the season with a July 4th-themed product launch. 

📧 Margot Elena introduces signature scents in a 4th of July promotional email.

Subject line and preview text: Get ready for a spectacular 4th! – Discover the perfect products to make your Fourth of July shine. 

Perfume and beauty brand Margot Elena uses a simple drop-and-go template to build seasonally themed emails in a flash. Keeping the header, navigation panes, and footer the same, all it takes is a fresh hero image to turn this email into a Fourth of July campaign. 

The copy for this July 4th-themed email campaign is tailored for the holiday as well. The message invites subscribers to “ignite their celebrations” and “elevate their 4th of July festivities” with perfumes that capture the essence of summer. 

Leverage themes of patriotism and love for the USA in your Independence Day email campaigns. 

The 4th of July evokes different meanings for different people. So a patriotic theme isn’t the best fit for every brand. But if it’s a match for your audience and their values, then the Fourth of July holiday is the perfect time for salutes to the US military, pride for the US and its flag, and ‘made in the USA’ campaigns.

Convey these sentiments with the graphics, copy, and product selections for your 4th of July email designs.

 📧 Huckberry left no content behind in this July 4 “Made in the USA” email campaign.

Subject line and preview text: The Made in USA Shop

Lifestyle clothing and accessory brand Huckberry send a July 4 email newsletter packed with products made in the U.S. But this wasn’t just a product catalog. Huckberry is known to pack an eclectic mix of content into its subscribers inboxes. 

This email includes animated GIFs, discounts and sales offers, new product introductions and a linked video about fly fishing in the Yucatán.

👀 Including a graphic with a link to your video in your email message is a solution to the problem of email clients not uniformly supporting videos in email. You can find other strategies in the Ongage article, Video Email Marketing: Tips, Strategies, and Examples

There’s also a set of curated magazine articles and the brand’s usual sign-off from founders Andy and Richard.  

Complementing the patriotic “Made in the USA” theme, this email’s design header offers a 10% discount to verified US veterans, their spouses, and military family members. 

Incorporate the colors and imagery of the 4th of July into your email campaigns. 

📧 Licorice gets creative with its 4th of July email campaign design creatives. 

Subject line and preview text: New Patriotic Product Launch – Check out our July Fourth Bundle 

DTC candy brand Licorice has an advantage when it comes to creating seasonally themed graphics for its emails. They sell candies in every color. For their “The Stars, Stripes & Sweets” Fourth of July bundle offer, the design team selected licorices in red, white and blue. Then added extra flair by styling the candies to look like fireworks. 

The June 23 email introduces July Fourth bundles appropriate for sharing with holiday guests or giving as a gift. 

Join the 4th of July celebrations, even if you’re a B2B company. 

Seasonal sales events may be dominated by B2C, DTC, and other consumer-focused campaigns. But don’t let that stop your B2B brand from joining the party. Send your subscribers a promotional campaign or Happy 4th of July greeting to stay top of mind and generate summertime sales. 

 📧 Adobe presents a package suitable for businesses or individuals in a “4th of July Sale” campaign. 

Subject line and preview text: Adobe Security Kit $79.99 – 4th of July Special | ENDS TONIGHT – Free Ground Shipping + 15% Off Accessories…

Adobe uses attractive 4th of July appropriate graphics and a red, white and blue color scheme in this simple, yet effective promotional message. The email’s design balances text and images to communicate a sale on select hardware. 

Which product is Adobe hoping to move with this campaign? 

The focus of the subject line and the biggest savings are a security kit suitable for business or home users. 

Send your subscribers, customers, or clients a Happy 4th of July email.

Holiday greetings are an opportunity for your business to share its values and build relationships with your B2B or B2C audiences. These messages also bridge gaps in your communications by giving you a reason to stay in touch outside your customer’s buying cycle. 

When planning your 4th of July marketing strategy, consider which type of message best nurtures your customer relationships and keeps them moving forward on their buying journey. Should you send a promotional Happy 4th of July campaign or a simple 4th of July greeting to your clients, customers, or subscribers? 

📧 CIGA Design sends subscribers a Happy Fourth of July email greeting.  

Subject line and preview text: Celebrate Independence Day and Embrace the Spirit of Freedom – Wishing you and your family a very happy 4th of July

Luxury watch brand CIGA design skipped the sales promotions and sent its list a Happy 4th of July email message to its “American friends” instead. Expressing what the celebration day means to the company, the email says, “It’s a time to honor the spirit of freedom, unity, and resilience.” 

Keep the engagement and sales flowing with promotional newsletters for the 4th of July and after.

Your Fourth of July email campaigns are just one of several that should fill out your content calendar. After you send your July 4th campaign series, what’s next? 

As you map your annual strategy, coordinate your 4th of July email campaigns with other seasonal sales opportunities and your marketing campaigns on other channels. 

📧 NuGo Nutrition offers a  sparkling sale then keeps the promos going after Independence Day with a Christmas in July email campaign. 

Subject line and preview text: 📣 Attention, America! July 4th Flash Sale – First 17 get 25% off 🎇

The headline copy for this seasonal sales campaign says: Cue the sparklers. But the sales offer cues up urgency and excitement through gamification. 

Incorporating the US year of Independence 1776, NuGo promises the first 17 subscribers who place an order will receive 25% off, and the next 76 will get a 20% discount. 

Everybody else gets a 15% discount for this one-day sale. 

This email is filled with thematic words. Above a display of select products next to their star ratings is the header: Go Fourth & Snack. 

NuGo Nutrition adheres to its minimalist design and chocolatey color scheme for this July 4 email and saves time by modifying its reusable email newsletter template with a seasonally appropriate image and copy. 

The image below of a post-holiday email it sent later in the month illustrates how the brand maintains consistency while adding new content to each newsletter. 

Subject line and preview text: Christmas in July Sale 🎄- ‘Tis the season to save

A point of frustration for marketers who carefully plan their seasonal sales campaigns is that consumers aren’t always ready to buy when we’re ready to sell. 

NuGo Nutrition’s July 25 newsletter included a ‘one day only’ Christmas in July sale, giving subscribers another chance to save. 

How to write great 4th of July email subject lines

Before they click-through, they have to click open. How can you use the 4th of July theme to attract your subscribers’ attention in the inbox and convince them to click? 

Combine everything you know about subject line best practices with the added flair of the 4th of July season to make catchy subject lines that stand out in the inbox. 

Then test your subject lines using A/B/n testing and predictive analytics to choose the ones that resonate with each of your audience segments. 

30 words or phrases to use in your July 4th email subject lines

Fourth of July email subject lines may include traditional summer and sales themes and words and phrases related to fireworks, celebrations, picnicking, patriotism, independence, liberty, and freedom. 

Fit these words and phrases into your subject lines, preview text, and email body copy to evoke the spirit of the holiday:

  • You’re a firework!
  • Sparkle this 4th of July 
  • Cue the fireworks
  • Let the sparks fly
  • Do you see fireworks? 
  • Bring on the fireworks
  • Oh say can you save
  • Red, white and BOGO 
  • Let freedom ring
  • US of Yay 
  • Special 4th of July sale
  • 4th of July flash sale
  • Light up your 4th of July with..
  • Firecracker prices for Independence Day
  • Independence Day savings
  • Happy birthday, America
  • Celebrate the 4th with…
  • Celebrate our great nation
  • A 4th of July flash sale 
  • The 4th of July sale you can’t miss
  • Get your Independence Day look now
  • Fourth of July sales are coming in hot
  • Dressed for fireworks
  • Sale-a-brating the 4th
  • Epic celebrations
  • Book your 4th of July itinerary
  • Spectacular sales event
  • Light up the night with…
  • Don’t miss these dazzling deals 
  • Happy 4th of July! – Celebrate with [X]% off 

Another way to stand out and add some color to your email subject lines is to use emojis. The 4th of July holiday presents some opportunities to use emojis in your emails and subject lines that might not get as much attention the rest of the year. But you can also stick with well-known symbols that represent sales and celebrations. 

Where to get July 4th email templates and graphics

If you’ve already built a collection of reusable templates for your brand, you don’t have to start over from scratch to build amazing 4th of July email designs. Use your prepared templates as the foundation and add seasonally appropriate images, graphics, colors and copy. 

But if you’re in need of inspiration or a fresh 4th of July template you can purchase or download free templates from Unlayer, Stripo and Beefree to use as-is or use template editing tools to customize them. 

Each email design tool has its own graphics, banners and interactive elements that you can choose to customize your design. 

The image below displays some of the 4th of July templates available at Unlayer. 

You can also find inspiration for your 4th of July promotions at Milled.com or Really Good Emails. RGE was recently acquired by Beefree and now you can become a Pro member for free. Members can view the HTML code to create their own templates. 

By the way, Ongage’s email marketing platform is integrated with Beefree’s email template editor, so once you create your perfect 4th of July email design, it’s a snap to distribute it to your lists through Ongage. 

If you can’t find the 4th of July banners and images you need to create your ideal 4th of July email design in a template editor, don’t despair. 

Download premade images or vector graphics from Pixabay, Freepik, Unsplash or another clipart or stock image supplier and add them to your email template. Or make your own using tools like Canva or Adobe Express. 

Adobe, Canva, and other graphics design providers, such as EzGif, also have GIF makers that allow you to create animated GIFs to include in your emails

Note: You can use these graphic design tools to create a single-piece HTML graphic email. However, I recommend that you don’t. 

Instead, use these tools to create distinct graphic elements that you can insert into an HTML template using an HTML or WYSIWYG email editor. This technique provides you with greater design freedom and enables you to include both text and graphic elements in your message which may improve its deliverability.  

Fourth of July email best practices and campaign tips 

When planning and creating your 4th of July email campaigns, follow email sending, copy, and design best practices. 

✓ Define your campaign objectives and target segments and tailor your messages to meet the needs of both. 

✓ Create emails that are mobile-friendly and accessible. Add a plain text version of important copy included in graphics and alt-text for product and other images. 

✓ Test your email templates to make sure they render properly across devices and check for broken links or missing information.

✓ Use real-time validation to avoid sending your email marketing campaigns to unengaged or high-risk recipients. 

✓ Also make sure to comply with the latest bulk sender guidelines and sender best practices so your 4th of July messages will reach their destinations and stay out of subscribers’ spam folders. 

✓ Use merge fields and dynamic blocks to create personalized, contextual campaigns for your email subscribers.   

Then, enhance the quality and effectiveness of your July 4 campaigns, with the following seasonal strategies: 

⭐️ Start your Independence Day at the right time. July 3rd or 4th is too late to send recipe suggestions and party ideas or sales promotions for clothing, decor, food, or entertainment items your subscribers need for their celebrations. 

Use your delivery timelines to work out when to send your “last chance to order” emails. 

⭐️ Increase sales by using persuasive devices such as urgency, scarcity, and fear of missing out (FOMO) to nudge your subscribers to act. But don’t make your emails too high-pressure. The 4th of July holiday is about celebrating and having fun. 

⭐️ Add interactive elements such as scratch-offs, wheel spins, and countdown timers to your summer holiday campaigns to encourage engagement and entertain your subscribers. 

⭐️ Employ gamification to trigger your subscribers’ competitive spirit and entice impulse buyers to convert. 

⭐️ Explore creative ways to connect your products to the 4th of July’s patriotic and celebratory themes. Add candid images of people enjoying your products at picnics and parties. 

Select red, white, and blue products for your July newsletter or assemble items into shapes resembling fireworks, a liberty bell, or the US flag for your July message’s header image. 

⭐️ Use words and phrases that relate to freedom, patriotism, outdoor fun, celebrations, fireworks, and gatherings with friends or family. Choose words that evoke positive emotions or visual imagery. 

⭐️ Send value-adding, attraction marketing content as well as promotional campaigns during the 4th of July season. Use this time to build lasting relationships and boost revenue. 

⭐️ Create intentional 4th of July email marketing campaigns. Choose the type, number, and cadence of email messages that fit into your overall marketing strategy and coordinate your campaigns across channels. Understand the objective for your July 4 emails before you add them to your content calendar. 

⭐️ Create campaigns that use the right levers for each segment. Encourage purchases from values-focused consumers by making ‘donation with purchase’ or similar feel-good offers in your seasonal sales promotions. 

Give your bargain-minded shoppers irresistible offers such as steep discounts, “buy one, get one” (BOGO), “lowest price” guarantees, and free shipping. 

For your convenience segment, serve up fast delivery, buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), and a variety of payment options. 

⭐️ Use gift guides, product recommendations and selective pricing to point subscribers to the merchandise you want to move and items that will move them to click “buy now.” 

⭐️ Send a winner to every inbox. Use real-time A/B testing to test your subject lines and campaign offers to ensure you make the most of this one-a-year occasion. 

Time to send those 4th of July email campaigns and let them shine with everything that is your brand

The Fourth of July is just one of the many seasonal sales events that give your brand an opportunity to shine. You can find more strategies to engage your audience and ideas for seasonal sales promotions in the collection of holiday and seasonal marketing advice on the Ongage blog.

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