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      Custom plan

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        How does the free trial work?

        The 14-day free trial gives you full access to the Ongage platform. No sign-up or set-up fees. You can cancel at any stage. No strings attached. Just one restriction – you can only connect to one of the leading email service providers or SMTP Relay vendors that is already integrated with Ongage. If you wish to connect to a provider that is not yet integrated into Ongage, there may be an additional setup fee. Speak to your account manager for more details.

        Do I need to connect a delivery provider to my Ongage account?

        Yes! Ongage provides the campaign management interface functionality, but you’ll need to connect to a delivery provider, either an SMTP, ESP or MTA, to send emails with Ongage. You can connect an existing account or one of our email specialists can help you open a new account with one of our delivery partners.

        What is the difference between Limited support and Full support?

        With limited support you will get email response within 48 hours. Full support includes same day email response.

        How many email delivery connections does Ongage support?

        As many as you need. Typically most operations don’t need more than two or three, but if you require to connect to more, no problem! Speak to your account manager for more details.

        How do I hook up my on-premise (private) SMTP server to Ongage?

        Contact us for details.