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Ongage is a one-stop-shop email marketing platform equipped with a powerful SMTP relay, email validation, automation, and a highly advanced front-end.

With Ongage, you can easily manage, send, analyze and optimize high-volume email campaigns.

Absolutely. Many email marketing professionals turn to Ongage for this very reason and have achieved higher deliverability rates.

The combination of an extensive analytics suite, multi-layered segmentation tools, and a top-tier SMTP relay helped our customers to improve key KPIs like deliverability and growth.

See our case study to learn more.

Ongage is a platform for advanced email marketers, who need to support and run large email marketing operations. For that purpose, Ongage focuses its modules and features on simplifying campaign management, providing better control over operations that get out of hand otherwise, and aiding in micro examination of your overall performance in key metrics.

All of the above allow you to make decisions that are based on data, and provides you with email marketing peace of mind.

Visit our product page to learn more.

Yes. The Ongage UI is written completely on top of the Ongage API. This means that anything you can do in the UI you can do with the API and more.

The Ongage API is a modern, full-featured JSON REST API.

You can easily connect to various APIs and automate tasks like adding new leads to lists or updating list database fields to allow for real-time and personalized messaging.

For more information, see the Ongage API doc.

Yes. If you choose to send emails via a different SMTP relay (cloud or on-premise) rather than the built-in Ongage SMTP, you can.

Ongage seamlessly integrates with over 20 different SMTP relays, including Amazon SES, SparkPost, PowerMTA, and more.

For more information, visit our vendor network page.

An Ongage monthly subscription starts at $399 for sending 1M emails.

For more information, visit our pricing page.

Ongage offers a free 14-day trial, and getting started is quick and easy. Follow these 3 steps to start sending emails:

  1. Sign up for a free trial.
  2. Set up your account with our setup wizard, or contact our friendly support team.
  3. Send your first email.

We require credit card details to complete the setup and start the free trial, but you are not
charged. Charging starts once you’re onboarded and the trial ends.

After your free trial ends, all of your settings and statistics will be saved when you transition to a monthly subscription.

It’s relatively fast, no development required. We will be with you in every step of the way.

All our plans provide live training, consultancy and onboarding help.

You can also schedule a demo of Ongage with one of our email experts.

Definitely, Ongage can be configured to run tests and pilots without interrupting your production environment whatsoever. Consult with our Support Team.

Yes, we do. Check out the Modules & Services tab to learn more.

Absolutely. Ongage has a strong anti-spam policy in effect at all times.

Additionally, we have an internal spam warning system that allows us to take quick measures against potential abuse

Furthermore, all the anti-spam mechanisms from all of the connected email providers act as additional spam blockers. Spammers are banned from the platform and lose access to all ESPs and SMTP relays connected to Ongage.

An email service provider offers full campaign management and email delivery services.

While at its core, an ESP is based on SMTP Relay Service technology, ESPs often offer complementary tools like statistical reports, segmentation abilities, and design templates.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is the protocol used by most systems to send emails.

An SMTP Relay Service is a company that routes email messages through a known third party.

SMTP Relay Services like Amazon SES and SparkPost are often low-cost options for high volumes but offer limited campaign management and reporting features.

A message or mail transfer agent (MTA) is licensed software that you own and manage yourself.

On-premise email marketing solutions like PowerMTA offer configuration and control but often lack front-end usability and feature sets.

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