Simplifying Email Marketing from Head to Toe

Professional email marketing can be a complex operation and simplifying it (while saving time) is priceless.  Ongage now offers you a new way to simplify the customization of your headers and footers:
WHAT is header and footer customization
This new Ongage feature (which is included in all Ongage accounts) allows you to automatically set a header and …Read More


Ongage 2.0 – Now in your Dashboard

Normally we don’t like showing off, but our latest update is so exciting, we couldn’t help but share it with everyone! That’s right – On 17.4.16 we unveiled the ultimate 2016 makeover for our very own dashboard!

If you’re already a happy Ongage-er, you probably know that our dashboard, while incredible efficient and feature-rich, wasn’t the …Read More


5 Trick Questions Every Email Marketer Should Be Able to Answer

Whether you are an Email Marketer or you have an Email Marketer, this list is important. Email Marketing is a space that is evolving rapidly and to keep up, your Email Marketer must be able to answer these questions…tricky as they may be.
1.    What is the most important measure of an email campaign’s success?
An average …Read More


The Blacklist: An Email Marketer’s Nightmare

You know that dream that you have over and over again? You’re falling, or being chased, or losing your teeth? Completely out of control and scared… getting on the email blacklist is like that – only worse. You have no control over it, but it has total control over you, your business, your income, and …Read More


3 Tips to Improving Email Performance by Maintaining a Healthy List

When it comes to email marketing performance, who you know is often more important that what you know. Said another way, email marketing best practices about when to drop campaigns, which CTAs to include (if at all), and which email vendor to use are much more effective when coupled with good list hygiene.

Cleaning up your …Read More


Brilliant Email Marketing Tools for Savvy Marketers

Popeye has spinach; Ironman has JARVIS; The Most Interesting Man in the World has Dos Equis; and Savvy email marketers have a toolset that makes them effective and successful.
Ever wondered what is in the “magical” toolset that makes the best email marketers as successful as they are? Look no further – our key customers and …Read More


You are Not Married to Your Email Vendor

Your spouse in for better or worse. A diamond is forever. An email vendor is not.

While it is honorable to stand by your partner even during tough times or when you feel like you are not getting what you need from the relationship, when it comes to your email provider, that is just bad business.

To …Read More


You Don’t Need a CTA to Get Subscribers to Act

The Radicati Group reports that by 2017, there will be over 200 Billion emails exchanged every day. Your emails do need a way to stand out; but there are other (dare we say…better) ways to do that than a CTA button – no matter how creative it is.
In fact, in a recent study by marketing …Read More