You are Not Married to Your Email Vendor

Your spouse in for better or worse. A diamond is forever. An email vendor is not.

While it is honorable to stand by your partner even during tough times or when you feel like you are not getting what you need from the relationship, when it comes to your email provider, that is just bad business.

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You Don’t Need a CTA to Get Subscribers to Act

The Radicati Group reports that by 2017, there will be over 200 Billion emails exchanged every day. Your emails do need a way to stand out; but there are other (dare we say…better) ways to do that than a CTA button – no matter how creative it is.
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Are you personalizing emails like a pro?

Hey Frank. Dear John. What’s up, Pete? Laura, you have to read this message NOW. New jobs for Stacy. {FIRSTNAME}, listen up!
If mass emails were the first-grade approach to email marketing, adding a {FIRSTNAME} personalization is nothing more than a second grader . . . one who got held back a year for bullying the …Read More


Why email marketing is not always the best tool for you

Have you heard claims like Copyblogger’s “email marketing has a 4,300% ROI” or Hubspot’s “email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention?” Sorry to burst your email marketing bubble, but I am here to tell you that this is not always the case.

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The best email marketers are stopping to email

You may have been shocked when we told you that to increase email marketing profits, you have to stop selling, but we have heard from many email marketers who are telling us that they are trying it and seeing amazing results. Are you ready for another shocker?

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The Latest Email Marketing Trend: Agile Email

Dynamic content, behavioral email marketing, personalization, email marketing
Agile is no longer just for software developers. They have already realized the improved results and increased speed that comes with adopting agile methodologies. Now, it is our turn!
The future of email is here: agile email marketing. It features innovation, personalization, and information. It is fast, effective, and …Read More


Feeds Feature Released: Email Blank Space That Works for You

In 1989, HTML was born (so were Taylor Swift, Tyga, and Daniel Radcliffe). Finally, 26 years later, there is something amazing (and new!) going on with HTML again. This innovation saves time and makes your email so relevant and timely that no subscriber will ever want to Shake it Off again.
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