The Latest Email Marketing Trend: Agile Email

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Agile is no longer just for software developers. They have already realized the improved results and increased speed that comes with adopting agile methodologies. Now, it is our turn!
The future of email is here: agile email marketing. It features innovation, personalization, and information. It is fast, effective, and …Read More


Feeds Feature Released: Email Blank Space That Works for You

In 1989, HTML was born (so were Taylor Swift, Tyga, and Daniel Radcliffe). Finally, 26 years later, there is something amazing (and new!) going on with HTML again. This innovation saves time and makes your email so relevant and timely that no subscriber will ever want to Shake it Off again.
Pop references aside, HTML, RSS …Read More


7 Email Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Affiliates need email marketing in the same way that LeBron James needs a good pair of shoes. You could do what you do without them, but you would never want to. Email marketing (and LeBron’s shoes) makes you achieve greater results and make more money.
But $2 Walmart shoes are not Nikes and sloppily emailing …Read More


3 Crucial Rules to Follow For Email Marketing List Management

There are rules for nearly everything these days: from laws of warfare to instructions for putting together an Ikea dresser (which sometimes feels like warfare). And often times, following rules and best practices means you escalate your probability for success as well as the speed at which you get there, whether you are in the …Read More


Have You Heard of the Newest Competitive Edge for Affiliates?

Affiliates are in one of the most competitive marketing spaces. Even a small edge over other affiliates can have a significant impact on bottom line results. But, in a space where competitors play at the top of their game, how do you get that competitive edge?

Email Marketing: there are many edges
In affiliates’ email marketing operations, …Read More


How to Improve Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability – Part 2

Last week, we explored the basics of being the “Facebook:” the epitome of success, in your industry. We examined the importance of working with multiple email vendors. This week, we will dive deeper into the optimizations required to get there. But first thing’s first:
Look in the mirror
To understand where you currently stand, you can use …Read More


How to Improve Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability – Part 1

Who do you imagine when you think on an enviable business strategy? In my mind, it is Facebook. If our business could operate like Facebook, the sky would be the limit.
Getting to Mark Zuckerberg’s Inbox
Let’s imagine his personal assistant, Anikka. As she completed her position, one of her final tasks was likely sorting through resumes …Read More


How to Increase Your Sender Score and Get More Messages to Inboxes

In college, there was a GPA. In financial practices for adults in the US, there is a credit score. In the world of email marketing, there is a sender score. When you first start out emailing, your messages may be sent to users’ spam folders. But there are certain ways to build up your score …Read More


4 Secrets of Career Portals with Perfect Email Processes

Email marketers in the job placement industry are some of our favorite clients. They are sophisticated, they easily understand metrics and optimization, and they readily adopt innovations that can help them get better results quicker or less expensively (or both!). They manage larger data sets, more lists, and greater frequency than most of our clients. …Read More


5 Summer Email Marketing Tactics

Remember the summers of youth? If you are like me, you looked forward to summer all year long. When it finally arrived, we relished the playful freedom, savored the sounds and flavors, and enjoyed every adventurous moment. I bloomed in the summertime.
As screen-locked adults, many of us now wilt in August. We complain about the …Read More