Best practices for using multiple vendors IPs

Recently, we shared advice from experts about How to Keep Your Email List Clean. Once you follow those tips and have a spotless list, you will then graduate to more advanced tactics for getting your messages inboxed. By using multiple email vendors, you benefit in multiple ways.
Load-Balance Email Marketing Costs

Steven Coufal, senior email marketer at …Read More

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Advice from the Experts: How to Keep Your Email IP Clean

Recently, we shared advice from experts about How to Keep Your Email List Clean. Taking their advice is a great start to effective email marketing practices. To take it a step further is to maintain both a clean list and a clean IP. Today, experts reveal how to do the latter.
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4 Common Email Mistakes Made by Affiliate Marketers

When Affiliate Marketers aren’t busy searching for the next hot product to promote or the next cool traffic source to target, they should be analyzing their choices for marketing channels: blog, display advertising, social networks, PPC ads, content… and so many more.

Not long ago, we told you about “The Surprising Channel That is Revolutionizing Affiliate …Read More

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Advice from the Experts: How to Keep Your Email List Clean

Ask and you shall receive
CEO of Revue, Martijn de Kuijper advises email pros to “Keep asking for feedback, so that you’ll know what to improve, what people are reading. This way you keep sending what people want to read, but you also keep them engaged. Most people don’t even know that they can reply to …Read More


When is an SMTP Relay the Right Choice for You?

Comparing a low-cost SMTP Relay to a full-featured ESP often comes down to an ROI calculation. While ESPs have many benefits, at their core, their infrastructure uses an SMTP relay to send messages. SMTP Relays can cost significantly less than their more feature-rich ESP counterparts, so determining which is right for you typically comes down …Read More


5 Surprising Email Marketing Stats (that may make you rethink your strategy)

As an email marketing professional, you already know that email is the most effective marketing platform known to mankind, but you might now know these shocking stats. And once you truly process the importance of these bits of research, you may reconsider your email marketing strategy:

1.      The power of transactional emails
Often the “black sheep” of …Read More


How Agencies Differentiate Themselves from Competitors

Email marketing is a field that is as competitive as it is lucrative. Email marketing agencies, and full-service marketing agencies that provide email marketing services, must find ways to make their offering stand out in a way that compels clients to choose them (and stay with them). Here are some common differentiators:
Offer clients best-in-class support, …Read More


Common Email Problems for Job Boards

Job Board like CareerCo, Adecco, and VHMnetwork often rely heavily on email marketing as a channel that drives traffic, conversions, and ultimately – sales. As effective of a channel as email marketing is, it often comes with some challenges that marketing executives must recognize, strategize, and solve.
Deliverability challenges
If there were a mecca for job board …Read More


The Surprising Channel That is Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing

Savvy Affiliate Marketers are always on the lookout for the next big thing: the next product to promote, the next traffic source to target, and the next channel to monetize. When it comes to channels, though, many affiliates would be surprised to learn that the most effective channel isn’t the newest, in fact – in …Read More

Email Control

Tips to Gain Control over Your Email Marketing

The weather, traffic, the economy – no matter how hard you try, chances are – you will not be able to control these things. Notice that your email marketing is not a part of this list.  In fact, your email marketing belongs on a list with your attitude, your own finances, and your diet – …Read More