The Risks of Using Multiple Email Providers

When you’re trying to increase email deliverability rates, considering to use multiple email service providers can make things more efficient. Before taking the road less traveled, though, you need to be aware of some inherent risks of spreading data across multiple providers.

Think about these risks of using multiple email providers for a given campaign:


1. Sending …Read More


Drive Website Traffic using the Best Offer Emails

When you’re announcing a promotion or extending a special offer, you need to make sure you’re generating immediate interest in the offer — or risk having the recipient forget about the deal or simply delete the email before reading it.
One thing you need to keep in mind when writing subject lines for these emails is …Read More


Personalized Newsletters Help Nurture Your Email List

One of the easiest ways to nurture your email list is to send a personalized newsletter periodically. Some companies publish such great newsletters that they promote their newsletter as a freebie on their site – a nice way to build their subscriber list. Others automatically put any customer’s email address or address acquired from other …Read More


Essential Tips for the Best Welcome Emails

The welcome email is an important piece of communication, an opportunity to introduce yourself to your subscriber or customer for the very first time. You need to make a good first impression to avoid getting deleted upon opening, or worse, sent to the spam folder.

Here are five essential tips for the best welcome emails:

1. Say …Read More


Why Email Open Rates Don’t Matter

Professional email marketing is part art and part science. The art is about crafting messages and designs that compel subscribers to act… the science part is about understanding statistics and using them to guide optimizations and improvements.
We all don our Scientist hat to examine those KPIs that have been drilled into our minds as …Read More


5 Things You Didn’t Know About SMTP Relays

Professional email marketers often make use of SMTP relay services like Amazon Web Services SES, SendGrid, or Dyn (recently acquired by Oracle). While it is well known that these services are great for lowering email marketing costs for high-volume senders, there are some things you may not know about Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Relay Service …Read More


Email Deliverability Checklist for Switching ESPs

If you’ve decided to switch ESPs due to poor results linked to email deliverability, you need to make sure you’re taking several things into account during the migration process. Since there are so many elements involved with automated emails — and a significant amount of data that needs to be accounted for — you need …Read More


Grow Your Business with Hybrid Email Solutions

Businesses need growth in the way that all living things needs oxygen. But while air is free to breathe, business growth is typically very expensive. Except in the case of email, where for every $1 a company invests in email marketing they will see a $38 return, according to the Direct Marketing Association.
Other stats further …Read More


New Email Marketing Trends for 2017

In our digital world, the most effective way to communicate to customers is still via email. While social media interactions and online ads can get a prospect’s attention, the emails you send are what will convince and convert that prospect to make a purchase or stay tuned to your latest updates and brand messages.

According …Read More


Ongage integrates to Jobs2Careers Job search API

Ongage, the world’s first email deliverability marketplace, announced that it has added Jobs2Careers to its suite of built-in integrations with the world’s leading job search aggregators. Jobs2Careers is a US-based nationwide job search aggregator offering a comprehensive publisher program for network partners via API and XML data feeds.

This newly forged partnership allows job boards sending …Read More


Step By Step Guide to Improve Email Deliverability

You spend a significant amount of time, effort, and resources putting together email marketing campaigns and scheduling your email sends. But how many of those emails actually get delivered to your intended recipients?

If your emails are landing in the spam or junk folder — or not being sent at all — you won’t see …Read More


Your Words – Our $300 Amazon Gift Card!

You’re a marketer with tons of experience and tools under your belt – and one of those tools just happens to be our incredibly robust email-marketing platform.

So when you’re talking to your other email marketing friends (we know you have some) and telling them of great tools that they have to use, you probably keep …Read More


7 Email Metrics and KPIs You Should Be Tracking

I like to think of email marketing like marathon training.

Imagine yourself are on a training with coaches who keep track of all of your stats. They track your heart rate, cadence, the elevation gain, and on and on. At the end of the run, what did you gain from all of that data? Many, …Read More


4 Amazing Examples of Personalized Email Marketing

A few years ago, I received an 11-inch by 16-inch journal from my mother as a birthday present. I had casually mentioned in conversation a week before my birthday that I wanted “a large journal.” What I meant was a journal with many pages: a long journal. It was my fault for communicating imprecisely. She, …Read More


Email Marketing Best Practices to Stay Relevant In 2017

Leap day is already a distant memory, the Olympics have come and gone, soon the US Presidential election will be behind us, and soon thereafter – 2017 will be here! It all going as quickly as a Usain Bolt 100 meter race.

Now is a great time to position your email marketing strategy to keep you …Read More


Leveraging multiple channels for communication success

Mark Rothert, President, MessageMedia

Businesses today have their choice of channels for communicating with customers – email, SMS, social media, even direct mail.  While this proliferation of channels represents opportunity, it also poses a challenge – picking which channel to use to delivery different messages to different customers in different scenarios.
While SMS is arguably the …Read More


Improve Email Delivery Rate by Improving Email Reputation

To get into college, you had to keep up good grades. You had to work hard, do your homework, and finally send in the application. Bottom line: you had to convince that college admissions board to let you in based on past performance. The same applies for being let in to an email inbox—your reputation …Read More


Email Marketing Best Practices to Double Your Response Rate and Profits

In case any part of you (or your team) thinks that email marketing is dead, consider these statistics:

Everybody does it: 92% of US adults use email daily
All the cool kids do it: Millennials are the largest living generation and they check their email from bed (70%), from the bathroom (57%), or while driving (27%)
Better than …Read More


Email Personalization Techniques for Pros

Email marketing professionals know that email is the most effective marketing channel, in fact – they thrive on it. According to a recent survey,MarketingCharts.com shows email marketing as the most effective and one of the least difficult tactics.

Something else experienced email marketing professionals already know is that personalization adds more efficacy to email marketing. Case …Read More

Best Practices to Improve ROI

Email Marketing Best Practices to Improve ROI

As a sophisticated email marketer, there are many KPIs that matter to you: deliverability, open rate, CTR. We all strategize endlessly about how to optimize for each of these: avoiding spammy content to increase deliverability, writing succinct subject lines to up open rates, choosing the right color and placement of CTA buttons for improvements in …Read More

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7 Things that are killing your Email Deliverability

Imagine getting just 79% of your salary…or if your country came home with just 79% of the Olympic medals they won. That is what is happening to your email. According to last year’s Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, only 79% of emails sent reach inboxes. If it were your salary or your medals, you would probably …Read More


Best practices for using multiple vendors IPs

Recently, we shared advice from experts about How to Keep Your Email List Clean. Once you follow those tips and have a spotless list, you will then graduate to more advanced tactics for getting your messages inboxed. By using multiple email vendors, you benefit in multiple ways.
Load-Balance Email Marketing Costs

Steven Coufal, senior email marketer at …Read More

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Advice from the Experts: How to Keep Your Email IP Clean

Recently, we shared advice from experts about How to Keep Your Email List Clean. Taking their advice is a great start to effective email marketing practices. To take it a step further is to maintain both a clean list and a clean IP. Today, experts reveal how to do the latter.
Simple Tips for a Complex …Read More


4 Common Email Mistakes Made by Affiliate Marketers

When Affiliate Marketers aren’t busy searching for the next hot product to promote or the next cool traffic source to target, they should be analyzing their choices for marketing channels: blog, display advertising, social networks, PPC ads, content… and so many more.

Not long ago, we told you about “The Surprising Channel That is Revolutionizing Affiliate …Read More

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Advice from the Experts: How to Keep Your Email List Clean

Ask and you shall receive
CEO of Revue, Martijn de Kuijper advises email pros to “Keep asking for feedback, so that you’ll know what to improve, what people are reading. This way you keep sending what people want to read, but you also keep them engaged. Most people don’t even know that they can reply to …Read More


When is an SMTP Relay the Right Choice for You?

Comparing a low-cost SMTP Relay to a full-featured ESP often comes down to an ROI calculation. While ESPs have many benefits, at their core, their infrastructure uses an SMTP relay to send messages. SMTP Relays can cost significantly less than their more feature-rich ESP counterparts, so determining which is right for you typically comes down …Read More


5 Surprising Email Marketing Stats (that may make you rethink your strategy)

As an email marketing professional, you already know that email is the most effective marketing platform known to mankind, but you might now know these shocking stats. And once you truly process the importance of these bits of research, you may reconsider your email marketing strategy:

1.      The power of transactional emails
Often the “black sheep” of …Read More


How Agencies Differentiate Themselves from Competitors

Email marketing is a field that is as competitive as it is lucrative. Email marketing agencies, and full-service marketing agencies that provide email marketing services, must find ways to make their offering stand out in a way that compels clients to choose them (and stay with them). Here are some common differentiators:
Offer clients best-in-class support, …Read More


Common Email Problems for Job Boards

Job Board like CareerCo, Adecco, and VHMnetwork often rely heavily on email marketing as a channel that drives traffic, conversions, and ultimately – sales. As effective of a channel as email marketing is, it often comes with some challenges that marketing executives must recognize, strategize, and solve.
Deliverability challenges
If there were a mecca for job board …Read More


The Surprising Channel That is Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing

Savvy Affiliate Marketers are always on the lookout for the next big thing: the next product to promote, the next traffic source to target, and the next channel to monetize. When it comes to channels, though, many affiliates would be surprised to learn that the most effective channel isn’t the newest, in fact – in …Read More

Email Control

Tips to Gain Control over Your Email Marketing

The weather, traffic, the economy – no matter how hard you try, chances are – you will not be able to control these things. Notice that your email marketing is not a part of this list.  In fact, your email marketing belongs on a list with your attitude, your own finances, and your diet – …Read More


Simplifying Email Marketing from Head to Toe

Professional email marketing can be a complex operation and simplifying it (while saving time) is priceless.  Ongage now offers you a new way to simplify the customization of your headers and footers:
WHAT is header and footer customization
This new Ongage feature (which is included in all Ongage accounts) allows you to automatically set a header and …Read More


Ongage 2.0 – Now in your Dashboard

Normally we don’t like showing off, but our latest update is so exciting, we couldn’t help but share it with everyone! That’s right – On 17.4.16 we unveiled the ultimate 2016 makeover for our very own dashboard!

If you’re already a happy Ongage-er, you probably know that our dashboard, while incredible efficient and feature-rich, wasn’t the …Read More


5 Trick Questions Every Email Marketer Should Be Able to Answer

Whether you are an Email Marketer or you have an Email Marketer, this list is important. Email Marketing is a space that is evolving rapidly and to keep up, your Email Marketer must be able to answer these questions…tricky as they may be.
1.    What is the most important measure of an email campaign’s success?
An average …Read More


The Blacklist: An Email Marketer’s Nightmare

You know that dream that you have over and over again? You’re falling, or being chased, or losing your teeth? Completely out of control and scared… getting on the email blacklist is like that – only worse. You have no control over it, but it has total control over you, your business, your income, and …Read More


3 Tips to Improving Email Performance by Maintaining a Healthy List

When it comes to email marketing performance, who you know is often more important that what you know. Said another way, email marketing best practices about when to drop campaigns, which CTAs to include (if at all), and which email vendor to use are much more effective when coupled with good list hygiene.

Cleaning up your …Read More


Brilliant Email Marketing Tools for Savvy Marketers

Popeye has spinach; Ironman has JARVIS; The Most Interesting Man in the World has Dos Equis; and Savvy email marketers have a toolset that makes them effective and successful.
Ever wondered what is in the “magical” toolset that makes the best email marketers as successful as they are? Look no further – our key customers and …Read More


You are Not Married to Your Email Vendor

Your spouse in for better or worse. A diamond is forever. An email vendor is not.

While it is honorable to stand by your partner even during tough times or when you feel like you are not getting what you need from the relationship, when it comes to your email provider, that is just bad business.

To …Read More


You Don’t Need a CTA to Get Subscribers to Act

The Radicati Group reports that by 2017, there will be over 200 Billion emails exchanged every day. Your emails do need a way to stand out; but there are other (dare we say…better) ways to do that than a CTA button – no matter how creative it is.
In fact, in a recent study by marketing …Read More


Are you personalizing emails like a pro?

Hey Frank. Dear John. What’s up, Pete? Laura, you have to read this message NOW. New jobs for Stacy. {FIRSTNAME}, listen up!
If mass emails were the first-grade approach to email marketing, adding a {FIRSTNAME} personalization is nothing more than a second grader . . . one who got held back a year for bullying the …Read More


Why email marketing is not always the best tool for you

Have you heard claims like Copyblogger’s “email marketing has a 4,300% ROI” or Hubspot’s “email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention?” Sorry to burst your email marketing bubble, but I am here to tell you that this is not always the case.

At Ongage, we facilitate the sending of billions of …Read More


The best email marketers are stopping to email

You may have been shocked when we told you that to increase email marketing profits, you have to stop selling, but we have heard from many email marketers who are telling us that they are trying it and seeing amazing results. Are you ready for another shocker?

Another way to improve your email marketing operation is …Read More


The Latest Email Marketing Trend: Agile Email

Dynamic content, behavioral email marketing, personalization, email marketing
Agile is no longer just for software developers. They have already realized the improved results and increased speed that comes with adopting agile methodologies. Now, it is our turn!
The future of email is here: agile email marketing. It features innovation, personalization, and information. It is fast, effective, and …Read More


Feeds Feature Released: Email Blank Space That Works for You

In 1989, HTML was born (so were Taylor Swift, Tyga, and Daniel Radcliffe). Finally, 26 years later, there is something amazing (and new!) going on with HTML again. This innovation saves time and makes your email so relevant and timely that no subscriber will ever want to Shake it Off again.
Pop references aside, HTML, RSS …Read More


7 Email Marketing Tips for Affiliates

Affiliates need email marketing in the same way that LeBron James needs a good pair of shoes. You could do what you do without them, but you would never want to. Email marketing (and LeBron’s shoes) makes you achieve greater results and make more money.
But $2 Walmart shoes are not Nikes and sloppily emailing …Read More


3 Crucial Rules to Follow For Email Marketing List Management

There are rules for nearly everything these days: from laws of warfare to instructions for putting together an Ikea dresser (which sometimes feels like warfare). And often times, following rules and best practices means you escalate your probability for success as well as the speed at which you get there, whether you are in the …Read More


Have You Heard of the Newest Competitive Edge for Affiliates?

Affiliates are in one of the most competitive marketing spaces. Even a small edge over other affiliates can have a significant impact on bottom line results. But, in a space where competitors play at the top of their game, how do you get that competitive edge?

Email Marketing: there are many edges
In affiliates’ email marketing operations, …Read More