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Yearly Overview: How Ongage Made Email Marketing Better

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Marketing Director @Ongage

At Ongage we continually strive to improve email marketing campaign management by providing marketers the tools they need to drive growth. This past year, while you were creating campaigns, we were working hard on new features and integrations designed to make your lives easier. 

Here is a brief overview of our most well-loved new features, in case you missed them,  

Engage Better – Send by Time Zone/IP/Zip

Getting your email in your recipients’ inbox at the right time is half the battle, and that’s exactly why we introduced a “Send by Time Zone” feature this past year. The Send by Time Zone enables email marketers to send campaigns globally in local time, improving the chances of the email being seen and engaged with. 

For example, if an email marketer knows that they have the highest engagement levels at 2 PM, they can use this feature to ensure that campaigns are received precisely at this time, anywhere in the world. Whether the recipient is located on the east coast, west coast or anywhere in between, the email will be sent at 2 PM from a single campaign. 

If you do not have your recipients’  Time Zone, use IP, Zip Code or even Airport Codes instead.

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Deliver Better – Tailorable Preference Center

As part of our effort to help companies be GDPR compliant as well as making the user experience more enjoyable, we introduced a fully tailorable preference center. It can be integrated on your website, and email subscribers can update mailing preferences, contact information, unsubscribe and delete their information from your list with ease.

Not only does this ensure GDPR compliance, but email marketers can use the tailorable preference center to learn more about the Areas of Interest (AOI) of their subscribers. By understanding recipient interests, email marketers can improve tailored content and segmentation, optimizing engagement and ROI.

The preference center can be easily configured without the need for API coding.  

Segment Better – Update on Click

Email marketers that want to learn even more about their subscribers can take advantage of the Update on Click feature. With this new functionality, email marketers can define parameters in their campaigns and keep track of when a subscriber clicks on a particular field, updating the list with their preference. This is particularly beneficial for email marketers that send campaigns with multiple links such as travel and job board email marketers.

For example, if an email is sent out with travel offers for London, New York and Shanghai and a recipient clicks on the offer for New York and London, email marketers can use that information to send New York and London specific offers in a follow up email funnel.

Optimize Better – Custom Aggregate Reports

The Custom Aggregate Reports feature was added to the analytics section this past year to help email marketers improve their campaign analytic capabilities. The new feature analyzes sent, opens, clicks, unsubscribes and complaints and enables email marketers to group them by different fields.

For example, in case you have the source of your contacts (e.g., ‘search’, ‘partner’, ‘conference’ etc.), you can group users by source, and analyze their behavior across it. Compare users sourced from social media versus search engine campaigns, and understand which source is performing best for you.

Making Your Life Easier – New Tools and Integrations

At Ongage we understand that sometimes you want to use third party tools but don’t have the tools or time to develop the integration yourself. Fortunately for you, we do! 

Over the past year we included 4 new and major integrations to our platform. Below are some fan favorites you should check out (if you haven’t already). 

  • Zapier – We opened 2018 with the automated workflow creation tool Zapier. Ongage users that connect to Zapier can enhance list management and segmentation, instantly adding new leads and contacts to relevant email marketing lists, improving effectiveness and optimizing campaigns. Read more => 
  • PowerDesign – The machine learning backed technology helps email marketers create stunning email marketing campaigns designed to optimize and convert. When using PowerDesign to create emails, email marketers are able to reduce time spent designing emails, while ensuring campaigns meet KPIs. Read more =>
  • SiteMath – SiteMath is a CPC ad Network creator that uses real-time bidding and programmatic marketing technology to optimize campaigns in real time based on monetization. With SiteMath and Ongage, companies can improve targeting and segmentation, resulting in increased ROI. Read more =>
  • BEE Free – We are closing the year with the integration, a drag and drop email builder designed for non-dev email marketers. When creating a campaign via the Ongage platform, users can enjoy the simplicity and flexibility BEE Free offers.

The Best is Yet to Come

We hope you got a chance to check out the new features and integrations we launched this past year and are excited to see what we have in store for 2019!

As always, Ongage is committed to making your email marketing campaign management as simple and seamless as can be. If you have any features you would like us to add, or would like to talk to one of our account specialists to see how you can take advantage of one of the exciting features above, just email us at

Want to learn more? Click the button below.

On behalf of everyone at Ongage, we want to wish you a happy holiday season and wonderful new year!

Marketing Director @Ongage
Marketing Director @Ongage. Sharon is an expert in online marketing, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies. On her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and catching up on classic cult movies.

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