Grow your Business with the Right Email Platform

Grow your Business with the Right Email Platform

We all know by now that email is a powerful channel, with email marketing offering a consistently great ROI. In fact, email can give you up to $70 in ROI for every $1 spent — given you have your fundamentals right. 

So what do we mean by fundamentals? 

Well, along with your team, your expertise and your strategy comes your technology.

Power-up your operation with the right provider

Choosing your company’s email marketing platform is not a choice to be taken lightly. It’s a hugely important decision to make, and should come with a thorough due-diligence process to ensure you’re selecting the platform that meets your business goals.

It’s important not to be complacent with the technology you use to service your email marketing — selecting the right technology for your team, your business and your objectives is intrinsic to fulfilling your strategy and achieving these goals. 

The choice you make will heavily impact your performance and ROI, so it’s important not to choose based just on price or who has the longest features list, but to think about the value this supplier will give to your operation.

What the right email platform will ensure

The value of choosing the right email platform for your business could be endless. The benefits of nailing this selection include:

Increased ROI & efficiency

Email is a powerful channel for return on investment, but only if you have the right platform to power your communications. The right technology for your business will guarantee your ROI, by helping you to drive your strategy and connecting with your audiences. 

Ongage helps to ensure your ROI by operating within one single interface whilst also maximizing your team’s time and resource, too. 

Reduction in operating costs

Selecting the best provider means you can avoid using multiple systems independently, paying high fees to outsource work you can’t do yourself, or in the case of Ongage, stop paying IT teams or consultants to join the dots for you. This accounts for mammoth cost savings and means your overall costs will reduce, whilst your ROI rises.

Ongage makes it simpler, quicker and cheaper for marketers to run their email operation. You also have the freedom to choose any email delivery provider you wish, whether that be a low-cost SMTP Relay or your own on-premise MTA. All is handled via the Ongage dashboard, meaning that you can manage your own costs relative to your own budgets.

Enhanced deliverability

The targeted, one-to-one nature of the email channel means that your recipients are at higher odds of seeing your emails, versus something like a PPC ad or social media post. This means your message and reach will grow, along with your business, with the more money invested. The Ongage platform ensures that more of your emails are delivered to more of your customers, by A/B testing your sender domains, personalization, dynamic content feeds and in utilizing the usage of different sub-accounts or domains.

You can also create segments based on domain, which ensures the right emails are routed through the right provider in order to optimize your delivery rates.

Increased customer intelligence 

As a one-to-one method of communication with your customers and prospects, email as a means of communication is uber-powerful to your business. This is because of the mass potential for direct conversation with your audiences, where you can analyze behavior (like buying behaviors or browsing activities) and collect preferences for future comms.

Email is a truly two-way field of communication, through which you’ll learn more about your audience than any other marketing channel. Choosing a provider which helps you to collect this information, store and use it intelligently, is essential for this success.

Tackling the big switchover

Transferring from one email platform to the next can be a daunting task, so much so that some email marketers avoid it all together, settling with sub-standard technology that just won’t cut it. To avoid a bumpy journey, switching email marketing platforms should be done with three primary priorities; care, attention to detail and patience.

There are many factors to making a changeover from your incumbent provider to your new more powerful, more efficient technology supplier. For guidance on what to keep in mind when switching email platforms, read our guidance here.

What’s next?

Selecting the right technology for your business is essential on your path to achieving email marketing success and, ultimately, a return for your investment. 

Your platform of choice must suit your needs and, although switching to a different platform can be a detailed process, it pays off in the long run.

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