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How to Personalize Your Emails with Dynamic Content

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Marketing Director @Ongage

2018 saw the rise of the ‘savvy’ consumer. The mobile, ‘always on’ email recipient, who is here to stay, and is as demanding as ever. This won’t stop as we head into 2019. This means that as an industry of email marketers, in order to keep up, we need to ensure our communications are up to these ever-growing demands.

And the way to stay up to scratch? Easy — to continuously meet your recipient’s expectations, of course!

Okay, maybe not so ‘easy’. But one really important way to ensure your email communications are adding value to your customer base is by ensuring you’re always using highly-tailored, highly-personalized content to engage with them. This is where dynamic email content comes in to play.

What’s dynamic email content?

Great email content gives your recipients exactly what they want, at the time that they want it – without any effort from them. Dynamic email content works to dynamically change entire sections of your emails’ content depending upon criteria you set. It can be audience type, data-based criteria, behavioral criteria or preferences — all within the same email template.

It provides each individual recipient with customized email content specific to them, thus enhancing the value proposition of your emails. This in turn builds relevancy with your audiences, increasing their brand experience and your ROI.

65% of email marketers have also found that dynamic content has been the most effective tactic. Relevant emails and dynamic content add value, helping you to ensure your communications are personal and relevant at all stages of your customer lifecycle.

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The benefits of using email dynamic content

There are many advantages to using dynamic content to help you master your email content plan, from assisting with your data management to improving your results across the board.

Here are our top three benefits:

1. Efficiency

This is a biggy! Using dynamic email content eases the strain on your teams that manually segment and target different groups with different messages. That means your teams’ time can be better used strategically planning your email activity and content, instead of drowning in spreadsheets and data.

Beyond the saving in resource, the cost savings are also huge — you now no longer need extra help tackling big issues your team doesn’t have time for. Yay to increased efficiency!

2. Increased engagement

Power your segmentation and increase your audience engagement by providing your recipients with truly tailored email content.

By providing your subscriber with the content they want to see or that they’re most interested in based on the data that you hold on them, you’re giving them a more valuable interaction with your brand. This is a proven way of increasing subscriber engagement, leading to increased conversions and enhanced loyalty.

It also means that you’re not manually guessing what you think each audience type would like to see — it’s automatically done based on the information you hold, reducing the margin for human error and increasing your results in the process!

3. Enhanced delivery rates

Utilizing dynamic content feeds works to enhance your deliverability. By serving relevant content to your engaged subscribers and keeping them opening your emails, your reputation will only increase and in turn contribute to stronger delivery rates. Win win! See more of our tips on getting your email marketing into the inbox if this is an area you’re struggling with.

Utilizing Ongage alongside your Dynamic Content Feed

To get the maximum effect of dynamic email content, you can automate the personalization streams. Integrate dynamic content feeds via a third party or from the your own database. To support you in doing so, the Ongage solution connects to many 3rd party dynamic feeds, as well as integrating with your own database systems.

Ongage enables the delivery of tailored and personalized content to micro-segmented audiences in a single mailing. By simplifying integration with advanced dynamic fields, HTML/XML/RSS content feeds, 3rd party content and advertising providers, email marketers can increase brand loyalty and engagement with ease using dynamically-written email content

Ongage saves time, energy and money while providing the ability to target campaigns with pinpoint precision — and now your content can get the same benefit.

Getting started

The benefits of using dynamic content feeds in email marketing are huge; increased ROI, improved deliverability rates and not to mention the eased strain on your teams’ resources and time — what’s not to love!

The sky really is the limit when it comes to thinking about how dynamic email content could be used within your email communications. Begin thinking about what you’ll create, by firstly looking at the type of data you have to power your content, such as: demographic behavior, purchase history, preferences and so on.

Now you’re ready to go!

For more information on email personalization, read our comprehensive blog post on the subject.

Marketing Director @Ongage
Marketing Director @Ongage. Sharon is an expert in online marketing, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies. On her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and catching up on classic cult movies.

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