Choosing‌ ‌The‌ ‌Right‌ ‌Platform‌ ‌for‌ ‌High‌ ‌Volume‌ ‌Mailings‌ ‌

High volume emailing entails sending large numbers of emails to large numbers of recipients, often at once. You might be doing this because your business relies on these mass-sends, or perhaps you’ve developed such high audience lists that you have no other choice.

When it comes to high volume emailing, there are a number of Dos and Don’ts you should take on board, which you can read up on here. But the biggest ‘Do’? Choosing the right-fit on email marketing solution to suit your high-volume needs.

Making the right decision for your business

Choosing the right platform to suit your email marketing operation is a big decision, let alone when your highly-lucrative, high-volume mailings rely on you making the right choices. 

Read below for our top three tips on how to choose the right email platform for high volume mailings:

1. Familiarize yourself with their delivery reputation

Just because you’re sending to high volumes, this doesn’t mean you needn’t worry about your delivery rates. If anything, strong deliverability is even more important when it comes to high-volume emailing, and not every vendor can ensure you keep the high delivery rates you’ve worked for.

Reviewing key functionality within the technology is really important here, too. Utilizing tools such as Dynamic Content and individual features such as ‘send by time zone’, will only assist in enhancing your delivery by serving relevant content to your subscribers and keeping them opening your emails, thus enhancing your reputation and contributing to stronger delivery rates. Features like these are especially useful when it comes to bulk mailing, as they allow you to add a certain level of sophistication to what could otherwise become a somewhat non-sophisticated or strategic task. These features aren’t always available with all suppliers, so it’s imperative you watch out for these tools and the likes, to make your life easier in the long-run. 

When it comes to delivery, it’s not just about your side of the bargain. Your deliverability rates also rely on the functions and processes of your email marketing vendor or vendors, how they’ll transfer your data across and how they plan to warm up your new IP. 

2. Consider plugging-in multiple vendors

When it comes to high-volume emailing it’s important that you don’t narrow your thinking to just one email vendor, when a multiple-vendor solution might be best for your level of activity. Using multiple delivery vendors gives you access to different systems for different purposes, creating a more efficient email marketing operation. This has a direct link to the return you’ll see for your efforts, as increased team efficiency makes for a leaner, more agile email marketing operation overall. 

Utilizing multiple sending vendors allows you to get access to the ‘best bits’ of each, such as one supplier’s easy-to-use interface or another supplier’s intuitive analytics tools, all tied up in one interface. Multiple delivery vendors also help to enhance your deliverability, which you can read more about here

3. Focus on the reporting & analytics

Large audiences have great potential for you to learn about what users like and don’t like, what email content and subject lines they react to and what parts of your email they engage with. 

Assuming that the large majority of your list is engaging with your emails on a regular basis and that you’re on top of your list-hygiene, you have a fantastic sample size of data here to use in informing your email and wider marketing communications strategy. 

That means strong analytics and reporting tools are imperative. Look for a solution with powerful analytics, which gives you all the information you need within one interface. This will enable you to deep-dive into your data to improve your campaign understanding, looking at your sends over time, message and contact. 

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