How Multiple Delivery Vendors Can Boost Deliverability

How Multiple Delivery Vendors Can Boost Deliverability

Using multiple vendors is known to; firstly; increase productivity, secondly; secure your email operation and thirdly; give increased reliability. That’s why Performance Marketers managing multiple SMTP and ESP accounts choose this method, and reap the rewards.

But further to these three benefits, using multiple email vendors can also have a hugely positive effect on your email campaigns’ deliverability rates. This is because the level of control you have over which vendors are assigned to which sends increases along with the number of providers you’re using.  

Specific to increased delivery rates, there are two key ways in which you can utilize multiple vendors to enhance your delivery success:

1. Routing your emails via delivery provider

Operating your email marketing via multiple vendors gives you more choice when it comes to your sends, which includes the option to route your campaigns depending upon the individual provider — be it a range of ESPs, SMTP relays or MTAs.

Selecting which segments of your lists are sent to via which email provider becomes a key part of the sending process amongst teams operating with multi-vendors.

For example, if you find from your data analysis that a certain domain group is performing  better with a certain one of your providers, you can choose to route those email addresses on that specific basis. This will maximize the performance of campaigns sent to email addresses within that specific domain, and adds to the level of tailoring you’re already applying to your communications.

Taking this approach gives you an extra level of control over your sends that you don’t get when operating with just one provider. With multiple vendors, you’re now able to prioritize your sends based on the information you hold on the best performing domain, in order to keep your delivery rates up and your bounce rates down.

2. Routing your emails by target audience and segment

Furthermore when operating with multiple vendors, you can more easily route your messages by target audience and segment for more added power to your campaigns. You’re able to create segments based on the individual email activity type, customer activity level and so on, such as choosing to send your typically higher-volume transactional emails with your most cost-effective delivery provider.

On the flip side to this, you may then choose to send your lesser-sent and more promotional campaign emails via one of your more specialist vendors. This approach all round assists with cutting costs associated to the email marketing operation, but also enhances your deliverability rates by sending your most high-quality messages (your promotional, campaign-based ones) via your best sender, and your transactional messages (most likely to be open or clicked) through the lower quality sender. Thus keeping your sending reputation high with both providers.

You can also use this routing method to further enhance your deliverability, by sending your emails to your most loyal and engaged customers with one of your providers and keeping activity with your lesser-engaged customer segments separate via a different provider. This would ensure top deliverability rates for your most important customers, without risking this audience’s stats by mixing in lesser-engaged recipients.

Continuous optimization

As well as being able to enhance your deliverability more specifically with multiple vendors, operating in such a way means you can also benefit from continuous analysis and optimizations.

Using Ongage allows you to continuously test your routing options, meaning you can compare your multiple vendors within one interface to keep tweaking and optimizing your email sends, in order to achieve the best possible results.

This means even more power and capability by having multiple vendors within your email marketing arsenal.

By separating the platform front end from the delivery vendor back end, Email Marketers are able to simply and seamlessly manage and switch between SMTPs as they see fit.

To find out more on email deliverability, check out our comprehensive guide!

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