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6 Killer Email Marketing Tips for Performance Marketers

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Marketing Director @Ongage

Email marketing is a great way for performance marketers to boost their ROI and engagement. While Google may hurt them, emails can help interact with subscribers and drive marketing campaigns.

Improving deliverability for performance marketers

 In this guide, we review 6 email marketing tips that performance marketers can begin using today to achieve their targets and goals.

Don’t sell too much

Subscribers like valuable and high quality content that they can relate to. If all of your emails are sales-focused, people may think you are spamming them. Aim to make 80% of your emails content heavy and 20% of your emails sales heavy. Sending good content to your subscribers earns their trust and encourages them to stay on your mailing list. The 80/20 rule will increase your email deliverability and reputation if done right.

If your subscribers look forward to receiving your emails, you will be able to offer positive deliverability to any email space you sell to advertisers. If you have good results, you will be able to charge more to advertisers and still retain the trust of your subscribers. The better your results, the more demand you will have, which means the more money you can make from the space you sell in your emails.

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Use multiple lists and SMTPs

As a performance marketer, you are probably managing many different offers at the same time. Each of these should be managed separately. Create multiple targeted lists to send relevant and personalized emails at scale to all of your subscribers. One you’ve created segmented lists, you can easily manage multiple campaigns at once.

In addition to using multiple lists, you can use multiple SMTPs to improve inboxing and make sure that your email skips the spam box. If you have both high-risk and low-risk lists, we suggest separating them by SMTPs. Send the high risk emails with a more lenient and tolerant SMTP. For your engaged low-risk users, send with a less tolerant SMTP to improve your chances of going directly to the inbox folder.

Send a free sign up offer

Offering an incentive to sign up for your list (or a lead magnet if you’d like), will help you build lists quickly. You can offer a video course, eBook, report, a consultation, online class, a coupon, free tickets, a free trial, and more.

First, decide what your lead magnet should be. Think about which topics your subscribers are interested in and then build an offer around one of those topics. For example, if your subscribers are interested in talent acquisition practices, you can offer them a free eBook about how to recruit the best candidates to their company.

Make sure that your lead magnet provides value to your readers. The more value it offers, the more people will want to sign up for your email list.

Segment your subscribers

The better you segment your email lists, the better your engagement and inboxing will be. When you build segmented lists and send personalized content to targeted audiences, you improve your relevancy. Putting it simply, subscribers will relate to you more if you send them relevant content.

You can build segmented lists using a platform like Ongage, to separate your contacts into segments based on certain characteristics. For example, you can segment subscribers based on gender, geographical location, age, education, occupation, income level, marital status, and so much more. You can also segment your users based on behaviors such as purchases, clicks and opens.

For example, if you are sending an email campaign about an online master’s degree program, you can build a segmented list that represents your target audience for that campaign. You may want to choose people who are above college-age, have a bachelor’s degree, and work full-time. When crafting this email, you can personalize the content so that it will be relevant to the people you placed on your segmented list.

A/B test your email campaigns

By using an advanced email marketing platform, you can test your email headlines, design, subject lines, layout, etc. See how your emails perform against one another. Perhaps you will see that one subject line has an 10% open rate, while the other only has a 7% open rate. The same goes for your click rate and CTAs, and even for your conversion rate and the creative.

Once you’ve determined which email performs the best, you can send it to your segmented lists and maximize your ROI. Use this testing capability to learn about your audiences and send the most effective emails to your subscribers.

Choose the best email platform

You need the best email platform in place to manage, send and analyze your email campaigns. When evaluating which tool is right for you, you should focus on analytics, deliverability rates, testing capabilities, list building features, flexibility, dynamic content, segment management, and email design.

You want to make sure that you choose a robust tool that can support all of your campaign needs and provide you with the best insight to optimize your campaigns and boost your email marketing ROI.

Ongage has several cutting-edge features that will help you manage multiple campaigns at once, while providing you with the tools and data you need to constantly better your campaigns ROI

Marketing Director @Ongage
Marketing Director @Ongage. Sharon is an expert in online marketing, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies. On her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and catching up on classic cult movies.

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