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Campaign Management

Email marketers need complete control over campaigns, and that is exactly what the Ongage platform provides. Easily schedule and launch campaigns, continually improving effectiveness by integrating advanced dynamic content, automating recurring campaigns and more. Create micro-segments for bulk campaigns to improve engagement, and use built-in transactional emails and real-time API invoked emails to strengthen campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

Access all details and analytics about your campaigns in one place. Dive deep into data to improve campaign understanding, drilling down per campaign, day, week, month, message and even per contact. Use our platform to microsegment campaigns based on analytics, taking the guesswork out of campaign optimization. We automatically record important data so everything you want can be used any way you need.

Advanced Segmentation

Ongage’s user-friendly segmentation module offers a wide array of segmentation logic and options that were designed to increase engagement and campaign effectiveness including unique behavioral segmentation capabilities. Ongage saves time, energy and money while providing the ability to target campaigns with pinpoint precision. Easily set and customize segments, utilizing up to 150 custom touchpoints and behavioral points, so your desired marketing funnel is reflected in all campaigns.

and Dynamic Content

Ongage offers email marketers the ability to instantly integrate with dynamic content and personalization features, enabling the delivery of tailored and personalized content to mass amounts of micro-segments in a single mailing. By simplifying integration with advanced dynamic fields, HTML/XML/RSS/JSON content feeds, 3rd party content and advertising providers, email marketers can increase brand loyalty and engagement with ease.

Connectivity to Many
Delivery Vendors

Ongage maximizes deliverability and optimizes costs by providing built-in connectivity to world leading cloud and on-premise SMTPs and MTAs including Amazon SES, SparkPost, Dyn, SendGrid, Mailgun, PowerMTA and many more! By separating the platform front-end, from the delivery vendor back-end, email marketers are able to simply and seamlessly manage and switch between SMTPs as they see fit.

Triggered Messages
and Automation

Ongage simplifies email marketing by letting email marketers set up triggered and automated emails including welcome emails, transactional emails, as well as create behavioral based campaigns with ease. Automated and trigger based emails can be set up based on opens, clicks or any other engagement or trigger point.

Enterprise ready

Ongage offers enterprise ready security including two factor authentication login, IP login and API access restriction, robotic bruteforce login prevention and a robust back-end audit-log that track all key updates, changes and actions on each Ongage account. Ongage also offers a variety of user roles and permissions, enabling Ongage administrator to restrict access for different personnel, to different parts of the product.



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