How To Be Strategic With Your High Volume Email Delivery

How To Be Strategic With Your High Volume Email Delivery

‘High-volume mailing’ refers to when brands send email campaigns ‘in bulk’, to high volumes of recipients at one time. This means without breaking down the mailing list(s) to a group of segmented, smaller sends, and not throttling the send to stagger the delivery over a period of time. 

Typical industry guidance and expert opinions advise Email Marketers to go down the route of personalization and tailored messaging over the high-volume mailing option. This often results in increased engagement and improved sender scores. However, within some organizations, there is still a prevailing need to be able to send large volumes of emails, and it’s still possible to be strategic with these communications. 

Utilizing the power of dynamic content

Even when it comes to high volume mailings, it’s still possible to achieve high-quality, highly-personalized content through the use of dynamic content. 

Dynamic content enables your marketing operation to take advantage of heightened personalization and hyper-tailoring of every aspect of your email’s content, without having to manually segment your campaigns or manage multiple sends to multiple different audiences. 

Get what you need at sign-up

The point at which a user sign-ups to your brand is arguably one of the most important moments in their journey with you. They’re engaged and want to hear from you, so use this touchpoint to ensure you’re getting what you need in terms of their data to service your communications. 

Set-up your sign-up journey to ensure you’re asking questions which you can then utilize in your email comms to personalize the content. This means you can tailor your mailings more specifically, without creating multiple messages – strategic high-volume mailing. 

Use automation

Using pre-set automated email cycles is another way in which you can target high volumes of data with somewhat tailored, specific content. Building cycles which trigger based around a recipient’s behavioral information is the best place to start, for example if the user has clicked a certain link, opened an email or hasn’t engaged in a certain amount of weeks or months. 

The automated elements of this cycle will ensure you don’t have to work manually to qualify your data into these cycles. And the segmented approach will help you to ensure you’re being as personalized as possible with your approach to a high volume audience group. 

And one last thing to remember… 

It’s also really important to remember with high-volume mailing that mailing list cleanliness is imperative to achieve the desired level of success. Sending to high volume groups can create a higher risk of being marked as spam or having your emails bounce, due to the scale of your sends. Therefore, ensuring you maintain the best possible list hygiene as per email marketing best practice will keep you on the right side of the ISPs and keep your emails hitting the inbox. 

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