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Dynamic Content Best Practices and Methods: What Your Audience Loves

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Marketing Director @Ongage

You’ve got an eagle eye on email marketing KPIs: your delivery rate, your open rate, and your engagement rate. But you, like many advanced email marketers, could be missing most important KPI: heart rate.

In other words, does your content resonate with your audience in a way that engages them for more than a momentary click? Does your content and your marketing strategy and cadence create a sense of urgency and connection to your product or service that goes far beyond utility? Does your audience love the content you send?

There are a few ways to ensure that your advanced email marketing strategy is raising pulses. The most important? Using dynamic content well.

Questions Every Email Marketer Should Ask

Email marketing expert Jordie van Rijn says these are the questions you need to ask about your email marketing campaigns:

  • What does your email trigger?
  • What is the anticipation you have built up?
  • Have you previously engaged with your subscribers in a way that makes them anticipate good content, or have you engaged with them in a way that automatically makes them ignore your emails?

Do you make sure that your emails are delivered? Of course. Should you know if people are engaging with them? Absolutely.

Van Rijn brings up the intangible, less-easily-measured values that ultimately drive marketing: Is your content building upon itself? Are you engaging readers with authentic interest in your content? Do you know your deletion rate and are you attuned to the SPAM complaints?

Campaign Monitor, a leading ESP, reminds that compelling images can have a personalization effect, too.

“You can also dynamically change the images in your email marketing campaigns to better appeal to specific subscribers.”

The rates matter, but they are only the beginning. Start paying closer attention to open rate, click rate, and heart rates by sending responsive content.

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How to Send Dynamic Content

We can’t underscore enough the importance of behavioral, geolocational, and psychological microsegmentation. Microsegment your content or you will end up in the spam pile, the trash bin, or among the unsubscribed.

A word on unsubscribes: In fact, many email marketing experts suggest that unsubscribes are great news because they mean that your audience is honing itself down to the core of loyal and interested people who may become long-term clients or customers, and even brand advocates. This is true, and yet, it is always better to reach those who self-select or who you are targeting with content that makes them want to keep you.

Here’s how to create content that your audience loves:

Our article on email campaign micro segmentation explains each of these more in depth, but here is a starting point for getting in touch with various aspects of your audience:

  • Geotargeting: As it sounds, this is an email marketing strategy based on where a person lives, works, dates, eats, and shops
  • Demographics: Avoid essentializing a person and possibly offending sensibilities by combining age, education level, gender, and other factors with the other four areas of insight
  • Psychographics: Values, attitudes, opinions are important, and often overlooked by other advanced email marketers
  • Behavior: Pay attention to your audience’s intent, life cycle stage, buying stage and other behavioral cues for better email cadence and content
  • Cross Channel Marketing Data: Your audience engages with you on social media, through the website and perhaps through PPC campaigns, so don’t let this precious data go to waste in your email campaigns!

Take a look at some stellar email personalization samples in this article on email personalization techniques. One of the newer trends empowering large-scale microsegmentation is email content automation.

As Top 50 email marketer Jordie van Rijn says,

“With Email Content Automation you can pull content, products, and information from your site, database or feed directly into an email automatically…Not only is this a great timesaver for small email programs, it’s a lifesaver for large enterprises who operate at scale.”

Dynamic content is the advanced email marketing tip that ties all the other aspects together. Your audience is giving you feedback all the time, and most advanced email marketers try to incorporate aspects of micro segmentation in their campaigns. Trust us, if you invest in putting all the micro segmentation cues together, you will see results in your email marketing KPIs.

Your audience is telling what content they want, are you listening?

Marketing Director @Ongage
Marketing Director @Ongage. Sharon is an expert in online marketing, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies. On her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and catching up on classic cult movies.

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