Solutions Implementation Consultant (SIC)

About Ongage

  • Ongage helps marketers create a consolidated and effective email marketing operation that is best suited to their needs.
  • Our goal is a constant one: to make it simpler, quicker and cheaper for marketers to inbox great emails.
  • Ongage was founded in 2011 by a team of entrepreneurial professionals with a passion for email marketing in particular, and digital marketing in general. Their mission was to better email marketing. A component-based platform was born, powered by a feature-rich dashboard that hosts advanced segmentation tools and a full suite of analytics, ultimately helping marketers drive measurable growth and increase deliverability.

Position Overview

  • Provide the highest level of email marketing implementation consulting, by means of the Ongage platform, to prospects, onboarding customers, existing, strategic and VIP customers.
  • Become a product expert of the Ongage platform.
  • Become very knowledgeable with email marketing best practices and the ins-and-outs of email deliverability.
  • Become familiar with the larger email marketing ecosystem of the array of MarTech products and platforms that integrate, supplement and compete with the Ongage platform.
  • The ideal SIC 
    • Is highly customer oriented and passionate about providing customers with best implementation advice, given each customer’s unique business, marketing and operational use-case. 
    • Excellent soft-skills to understand customer needs, even when not articulated precisely. Ability to read between the lines.
    • Will have or quickly acquire excellent technical understanding of Internet and email technologies.
    • Ability to think out of the box for solid workarounds.
    • Keen interest in MarTech.
  • The SIC will work closely with Sales, Customer Success and Support departments. 
  • The SIC will also work with R&D and Product departments in an ongoing manner on a per need basis.
  • The SIC will report to Head of Solutions Implementation Consulting.


  • Earn customer, stakeholder, and partner trust through technical and functional expertise.
  • Ability to present effectively, command attention, explain proposed solutions, and answer detailed implementation and integrations questions. 
  • Join CSM (Customer Success Manager) on customer onboarding calls and provide strategic onboarding advice, including list management strategy, migration and warm-up tips and advice. Understand customer need and pro-actively suggest solutions that best help the customer to succeed and meet their business and marketing goals by using the Ongage platform.
  • Join CSM (Customer Success Manager) on calls with existing customers in order to answers Ongage technical questions and provide the best solution implementation advice possible.
  • Ahead of each CSM-SIC-Customer meeting: 
    • Get as much information, agenda, questions and topics to be covered.
    • Log into the account and do an in-depth preliminary research in general, and specific to agenda or issue of the meeting in order to make the meeting as effective as possible.
  • Join ISM (Inside Sales Manager) on pre-sales calls, to hear technical prerequisite and use-cases of pre-sales prospects and advise on how those can be achieved in Ongage.
  • Ahead of each Pre-sales call get background information about prospect, so that some preliminary research and thinking can be done ahead of call in order to make the call as effective as possible.
  • Work with support, product and engineering, teams as needed to provide short and/or long-term solutions for customers.

Required Skills


  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to effectively communicate with both business/functional and highly technical individuals.
  • Passion about verbal dialog with customers 
  • Strong problem-solving abilities.
  • Ability to work hands-on with technology and demonstrate product, as well as understand and communicate technical and operational solutions.
  • Ability to adjust approach and communication style based on personalities and goals of customers/stakeholders.
  • Ability to perform in front of an audience – advantage.


  • 2-5 years’ experience in any of the following: Technical Solutions Consulting, Technical Account Management, Technical Support, Product Specialist, Professional Services, Technical Customer Success.
  • Strong foundation in Email Marketing is an advantage.
  • Solid foundation in MarTech and Web technologies.
  • Ability to read and consult on REST API JSON integration (API programming is not required).
  • Knowledge of HTML, JSON, XML and REST API.
  • Knowledge about IPs, basic DNS settings, content feeds and general cross platform integration technologies.
  • Basic knowledge of programing, programming concepts, APIs, Webhooks, and understanding of customer engagement KPI measurements and tracking is an advantage.

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