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Ongage is a leading SaaS marketing messaging platform offering data-driven solutions. Established 12 years ago, Ongage serves hundreds of customers worldwide and delivers billions of emails per month. Ongage is looking for an experienced, skilled, and driven person to lead retention and onboarding operations in Ongage.

We’re headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We’re getting a lot of organic leads, as well as referrals from ESPs, sending software & other third-party deliverability entities. We are now looking for a new addition to our consultant team to support the growth of the US market.

Job description

You will be assigned the role of Consultant Expert in deliverability. It means that you will be asked to carry all the tasks associated with:

  • Conducting audits on existing infrastructure.
  • Assist in setting up new infrastructure with optimal deliverability.
  • Implementing recommendations to improve the deliverability.
  • Long term support to maintain deliverability and support our clients in their endeavours

You will be regularly meeting with your client’s teams to advise them on strategy adjustments, and you will be responsible for following up on tasks & items that need to be done.

Personality characteristics

First of all, our team has a lot of people from different, so it goes without saying that we’re looking for open-minded personalities that are eager to work with a team of experts in their industry, provide us with your knowledge and learn from ours as well.

You will also be working with CEOs, sales and  Marketing directors, so your communication skills must be top-notch; everyone’s time is precious (including yours).

Lastly, the issue you will be facing from an email deliverability standpoint can be very intricate. You must be someone that can’t stop until he gets the answer; it’s a quality valued by many of our clients.


  • Be the main advocate for best deliverability practices
  • Provide consultations to clients to improve their deliverability
  • Manage and monitor MTA IP for blocks and reputation issues
  • Analyse MTA logs with a focus on bounces, clicks, and open rates.
  • Liaise with ISPs to resolve deliverability issues concerning D·engage clients.
  • Establish strategic relationships with major ISPs, email filtering companies, and blacklist organizations.
  • Establish KPIs to measure email system efficacy and drive measurable improvement.


Must have:

  • Knowledge of MTAs and SMTP servers
  • Knowledge of major ISPs, SPAM policies, and best practice
  • Expertise in authentication protocols (e.g., DKIM, SPF, DMARC), bounce categorization, and handling.
  • Excellent knowledge of databases and log analysis
  • Excellent English communication skills


Preferred qualifications

  • Good rapport with ISPs
  • Well organized, excellent time management skills.
  • Highly effective communication skills between functions across the business
  • Experience with databases, query languages, and associated data architecture.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks; as well as define problems, and develop methods to resolve them in a timely manner

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