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Six Tips to Maximize Email ROI

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Vice President of Channel Sales & Marketing @LeadSpend

 A clean list is the key to better email marketing performance. Sending emails to invalid addresses negatively affects your sender reputation causing ISPs to filter and block your email. The higher your reputation, the more of your email gets delivered to the inbox. Ongage has recently partnered with LeadSpend, the leading provider of email validation solutions. This partnership will enable Ongage clients to utilize LeadSpend’s services to determine the validity of email addresses before mailing to them.

Keeping your email list clean

Here are some actions you can take to ensure your email list is clean, you’re mailing the right subscribers with the right message, and you’re getting the most out of your email marketing investment:

1. Remove inactive subscribers (people who have neither opened nor clicked in the last year) from your list

This will help increase deliverability metrics including Inbox Placement Rate.

2. Verify all new email addresses before sending your messages

Removing harmful and invalid email addresses pre-send results in improved email marketing performance. Confirmed opt-in is another great best practice to use pre-send after you’ve validated your new data.

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3. Make sure you’re removing unsubscribes

This is obvious, and is also required by law. Maybe less obvious is the fact that one should actually make it easy to unsubscribe, as it’s a good method for reducing complaints. If you really want to re-engage a user, offer them mailing frequency options (in a preference center) and an exit survey to find out why they want to unsubscribe and offer them the option to opt-down instead of opt-out.

4. Validate your existing data

For a variety of reasons, and often due to lack of time, resources, and/or accurate tracking data, organizations might have mailing lists that contain inactive or invalid emails. For situations like these, there are services, like LeadSpend, that identify whether or not an email address is valid and deliverable. LeadSpend provides both full list processing and point-of-collection validation to ensure you’re not mailing harmful email addresses.

5. Segment your data and send relevant content to each segment

Bad content won’t prevent your email from being delivered, but if your content is boring or irrelevant, people won’t engage and they might mark your emails as spam and there goes your reputation!

6. Choose the right email service provider (ESP) for your business

This last point is crucial to the success of your email marketing operations. Make sure the ESP you choose provides you with all of the data required to optimize your campaigns and engage your user list in the best way possible. You will definitely want metrics on all key email delivery, KPIs, from soft and hard bounces to successfully delivered. High performance vendors can even tell you exactly how you’re performing on each ISP domain and provide a variety of ways to optimize your campaigns. Ongage is an example of such a platform which provides all of the above as well as a highly unique, innovative, and cost effective way to optimize your email marketing deliverability by using multiple ESPs.

About Ongage

Ongage, makes the world’s first email marketing front-end platform that seamlessly connects to more than 40 leading ESPs and SMTP relay vendors. The platform provides the ability to test and use multiple ESPs so you can find the best ESP for each audience, improve email delivery rates, increase performance, load balance costs, automate email marketing and boost overall ROI.

About LeadSpend

LeadSpend, a data insights company, was formed to help companies optimize their investments in lead generation and email marketing. LeadSpend delivers a simple, fast, and accurate real-time email verification service that identifies whether an email address is valid and deliverable. This service provides a reliable way for marketers to safeguard against sending messages to invalid email addresses, a process that can significantly improve email marketing performance.

About the Authors

Ali Swerdlow is Vice President, Channel Sales & Marketing at LeadSpend
Noam A. Rotem is a Sr. Product and Marketing Manager at Ongage

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This article was co-published on LeadSpend and Ongage blogs

Vice President of Channel Sales & Marketing @LeadSpend

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