How to Maintain a Great Email Sender Reputation

How to Maintain a Great Email Sender Reputation

A great email sender reputation, or IP score, has a lot to answer for; higher email delivery rates and increased email marketing ROI to name just two.

Although building your email sender reputation can take a while, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t just stop once you reach your goal. Building up your reputation is just the beginning of a long journey, which also involves maintaining that score in order to protect the health of your email marketing operation in the long term.

We discuss the factors involved in building up your sender score more in depth in our recent blog post, which is available over on the Ongage blog page.

What’s involved?

So you now know that once your IP is warmed, the hard work is not over. You now need to maintain this solid reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build over the last few months, but where do you begin in doing so?

Maintaining your sender rep’ comes down to some of the basic fundamentals of email marketing best practice, not least where your customer data practices are involved.

Take a look at our three top tips:

Rule 1. Practice great list hygiene

Mailing list hygiene is fundamental to the health of your email marketing operation, and not least your sender score. Regularly cleaning your mailing lists involves getting rid of bounced data, old data, incorrect or mis-spelled email addresses and removing unsubscribed addresses. All of these factors ensure your data is kept in tip-top condition, which demonstrates to the ISPs that you’re making a strong effort to maintain your reputation.

Utilizing a double opt-in verification within your sign-up function will verify the data you collect and help you to avoid holding spam traps within your lists.

Finally, when it comes to the data you’re sending to, it’s important to allow your mailing lists to grow organically. Buying data can be very tempting for a quick boost to your numbers, but you’ll pay the price in the long run and it’s our reputation that will suffer the consequences.

Rule 2. Use personalized, high quality email content

Using personalization within your email content is something we all know that we need to be doing. Poor quality content results in low engagement with your emails, which demonstrates your lack of quality to the ISP. For increased engagement, use high-quality, tailored email marketing content. Use mobile and device-led designs and templates to respond to your consumer at their most convenient time & location, and test your content, links and templates for maximum success.

A well-planned, thoroughly thought-out email content plan allows you to plan and organize your content in advance and target it around what you know about your subscribers. Using Ongage’s segment-routing functionality will enable you to target your audience even further, with specific content per segmented audience for even more enhanced engagement, keeping your audience engaged and in contact.

Rule 3. Send on time, every time

Sending consistently can mean the difference between consistent engagement with your audience, and falling out of sync with your subscribers.

Maintaining consistency in not only the volume of emails you send and when, but also the type of content you share and who exactly you’re sending to. It means you’ll stay fresh in your subscribers’ minds and they’ll come to expect and love your email communications. Without sending too many and overwhelming your recipients, keeping to a well thought-out content plan and schedule ensures success.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no room for one-off mailers or testing sending your emails at different times to continue optimizing your campaigns, but regularly sending keeps your subscribers interested and keeps the expectation set at what they signed up for.

This is just the beginning

Our three best practice tips, are there to guide you within your email marketing operation going forward — they’re not just a one off, but something to instill in the way you do business to protect your future ROI.

Take notice of these three tips and you’ll be flying the flag high for email success!

To find out more on email deliverability, check out our comprehensive guide!

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