Are you personalizing emails like a pro?

 Hey Frank. Dear John. What’s up, Pete? Laura, you have to read this message NOW. New jobs for Stacy. {FIRSTNAME}, listen up!
If mass emails were the first-grade approach to email marketing, adding a {FIRSTNAME} personalization is nothing more than a second grader . . . one who got held back a year for bullying the other kids on the playground.

Please, stop with the {FIRSTNAME} stuff – it’s annoying

You hate getting those emails and my first grade teacher, Ms. Rodgers, always used to say you shouldn’t do onto others…
So, what is an email marketer to do? You need your subscribers to feel that personal connection and using {FIRSTNAME} is having the opposite effect: it is disclosing you as a marketer (because when was the last time you sent your real friend an email with their name in the subject line?).
The answer is simple:

Personalize your email campaigns beyond the {FIRSTNAME}.

Sound complicated?
It’s not.
All you have to do is personalize your message, not just your subject line.
For example, if Ms. Stacy Rodgers were looking for a new job, which do you think she would respond to:

By adding dynamic content to your email marketing you change the relationship with your subscribers. You transcend the role of an annoying {FIRSTNAME} spammer and become a trusted source of pertinent information. Subscribers will not only Mark as Not Junk, they will actually look forward to your messages and the information within them because it will truly be personalized to them.
Take your email marketing to the truly personal level by giving your subscribers what they personally care about.

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