5 Best Practices for Email Marketing Agencies with Multiple Email Systems

Hot off the presses, this article of ours was just published on the prominent email marketing blog Email Vendor Selection by the illustrious Jordie van Rijn.

Running a successful email marketing agency is not just about running great campaigns. It is also about operational and cost efficiencies. So how do you work efficiently as an email marketing agency with multiple clients across multiple marketing and data systems? Here are 5 tips that can help you.

You are the email marketing campaign

As an email marketing agency, you not only run email campaigns, you are email campaigns. You optimize email campaigns. You strategize about email campaigns. Sometimes, you even dream about email campaigns. You create campaigns that look good and perform for your clients.

But running a successful agency is not just about running great campaigns (you already know how to do that!). It is also about operational and cost efficiencies (and here’s where we’d like to help). By increasing operational efficiencies, you’ll be able to manage more campaigns and more clients with same amount of resources.

At the same time running different campaigns for different clients provides for a variety of opportunities to take advantage of cost efficiencies where you can:

  • Reduce email spend
  • Increase earnings
  • Offer competitive pricing to your clients

The challenge is how best to do that, when working with multiple clients, across multiple email marketing platforms and accounts, here are 5 tips that can help you.

  1. Reduce expenses by load balancing mailing costs
  2. Have a single automated mission control center
  3. Managing Risk and deliverability
  4. Analyze KPIs
  5. Test New Options

For the full article read more here: http://www.emailvendorselection.com/5-best-practices-for-email-marketing-agencies-with-multiple-email-systems/

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