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4 Ways to Add Dynamic Images into Your Email Campaign

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With the sudden boom of social media in recent years, some may assume that email marketing simply isn’t as effective as it once was. However, this certainly isn’t the case – as long as emails are done right.

It’s no secret that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a powerful marketing tool, but email is still just as successful in the correct context.

One email addition in particular that’s been shown to be super effective is the use of dynamic images. Able to be used for a variety of different purposes, dynamic, moving images are able to add life and superior content to emails in ways that static images simply can’t achieve.

Guaranteed to hold the attention of the reader for longer and display information in a fun, innovative way, here are some super effective yet simple methods of adding dynamic images into your email campaign.

Countdown Timers

Particularly effective when running a sale or some sort of time-sensitive promotional offer, using a dynamic image in the form of a countdown timer is guaranteed to elicit urgency for your readers –encouraging them to take action they otherwise may not choose to take at that particular time.

For example, if you’re running a flash 2-day sale with impressive discounts, including a bold countdown timer in your marketing emails will not only instantly inform your list how much time is left of the sale, but also how much time they have left to take advantage of your beneficial discounts – saving themselves some serious money in the process.

A successful creator of urgency without being too over-the-top, a countdown timer is certain to increase your conversions, especially if the image itself directly takes the reader to your site to make a purchase – before time inevitably runs out!

Social Events

Especially useful during seasonal occasions such as Christmas or Halloween, dynamic images emphasizing social events are certain to resonate with virtually any audience type.  

People generally always like to impress and please others, making images promoting items that will enhance social success hugely effective.

By giving readers a direct route to where they can obtain particular items or services tailored to a specific occasion they may be hosting or attending, you’re immediately providing a direct benefit to your audience by allowing them to enhance their hosting abilities through a simple and quick purchase!

It’s often the case that spending money on things for others will create greater feelings of happiness than spending money on ourselves, making this form of social dynamic image a real winner – particularly during seasonal heights.

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Personalized Images

Whilst hugely effective, personalization of dynamic images is often overlooked by so many email campaigns. And, if this is something you’re guilty of, it’s definitely time to incorporate personalization sooner rather than later!

Guaranteed to make virtually any reader feel like you’re directly speaking to them, personalizing your email images and subject line is certain to increase list engagement.

By simply sending a blanket email with no personalization whatsoever, your readers will simply feel like ‘one of many’, and aren’t particularly likely to take action – unless it’s something they really want to take the time to do.

But by including their name or, if they’re a loyal customer, incorporating statistics about their personal history with your company, you’re instantly making them feel special and unique. And, if they’re receiving plenty of other emails from your competitors that aren’t personalized, it’s not difficult to predict which one they’re most likely to not only appreciate but take action with!

Live Image Updating

Able to be successfully used across a huge variety of niches and circumstances, live dynamic image updating is a definite engagement-booster. 

Whether you wish to update your list on current stock levels, game scores, pricing changes or give them an accurate figure of money raised if you’re running a charity event, live image updating is effortlessly versatile – and effective. 

It’s highly unlikely your entire email list is going to open every single email they receive at the same time. So, for those who open their emails a few hours or even a few days after they hit their inbox, it’s essential you update the information you’re providing to accurately reflect the time of opening. 

And, with dynamic images being involved, you can display this live information in a fun, eye-catching way certain to grab the attention of your readers and encourage them to keep checking back for continuous updates!

And there you have it – 4 incredibly simple yet effective methods of including dynamic images into your email campaign.

Dynamic images certainly aren’t limited to just one particular purpose. They can be used for a wide variety of different functions and circumstances; you just need to find the best ones to suit your particular campaign, message and audience. 

So how do you set up dynamic images with your own email provider?

Well you could hire a developer, spend a lot of time and money developing a custom solution … or you could use an existing service like NiftyImages that has done all the hard work for you.

NiftyImages allows you to add personalized images, countdown timers and live social feeds to any email service provider quickly and reliably.

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