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3 Ways AI is Changing Automated Email Marketing

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Marketing Director @Ongage

Forget what you know about automated email marketing. The future of direct email marketing is intelligent automated email marketing.

Through advanced machine learning the information of everything receives animation to provide dynamic content for your email recipients. Further AI applications of the smart marketing wired into email software allows it to automatically run the most optimized email campaigns.

Automated email marketing started out like the early iterations of robotics: clunky, but with great potential for future usage. We have seen AI evolve Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) with deep neural networks (DNNs) smart enough to maneuver vehicles through traffic unassisted.

We have similarly entered a new era of email marketing automation. AI advances now enhance automated email marketing to an unforeseeable level of intelligent big data analytics and implementation with lucrative potential.

Read on to learn how automation is changing the way we use direct email marketing and how you can keep up with the future of automated email marketing.

1. Advanced Machine Learning

According to SNI Technology’s article, advanced machine learning is:

“…a type of artificial intelligence (AI) providing computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.”

Advanced machine learning has endless applications to automated email marketing. A system with constantly improving iterations will:

  • Automatically select the best times and contents to send to each recipient
  • Pinpoint subject, language style, offering style, and product suggestions
  • Give real-time access to key data for dynamic content (see the Information of Everything for more on this)

Marketing automation gives advanced email marketers the chance to optimize time spent on email strategy rather than tactical implementation of targeted email campaigns. The leverage from automated email marketing campaigns using advanced machine learning software have upwards of 50% conversion rates.

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2. Information of Everything

The ubiquity of the term big data, particularly in email marketing and marketing automation, belies the power that it packs once harnessed and targeted. The Information of Everything, all of the bits and pieces that your intelligent email software detects and stores across the internet, is a marketing windfall. However, according to an article from big data made simple, only 24 percent of marketing executives are utilizing big data in their strategic implementation.

Here’s how big data works for marketing email automation:

  • Back-end CRM/DataWearhouse/BI systems will collect and push data to and from your organization’s integrated software applications, everything from marketing to accounting,
  • This integration and analysis of the data in real-time allows for the advanced machine learning outlined in the previous section
  • The important aspect is how the software then deciphers and sifts the data for the relevant signals like user behavior and preference
  • Finally, intelligent email marketing automation is iterated at a rate humanly impossible via real-time data integration for personalized, dynamic content

This level of intelligent big data integration in email marketing automation is only possible through software which has advanced machine learning capabilities.

3. Autonomous Agents of Things

If your automated email marketing software uses advanced machine learning through integration of big data it will automatically run the most optimized personalized and efficient marketing campaigns and activity through adaptive promotions.

Basically, the autonomous agents of things means that your automated email marketing campaigns not only start out as smarter than they could possibly be through a marketing team’s tactical implementation: they get better automatically through increasingly intelligent applications of data for highly effective, precise automated email marketing campaigns.

Intelligent Automation is the Future of Email

Automated email marketing campaigns are objectively the intelligent choice for advanced email marketers. Intelligent automation that incorporates and improves upon its integration of big data is crucial for automated email marketing and for the evolution direct email marketers’ role. Now direct marketers can optimize their time to target more audiences rather than iterate email campaigns.

For corroborating evidence, see these stats from ESP Emma on automated emails:

  • 119% higher click rate than broadcast emails
  • Nurtured leads make 47% higher purchases
  • Birthday emails can increase conversion rates by 60% (over same-offer emails without birthday greetings)
  • 64% of email recipients open emails for the subject line (which is automatically iterated to open-rate optimization through advanced machine learning)

Click here for an introduction to our intelligent marketing email automation software today!

Marketing Director @Ongage
Marketing Director @Ongage. Sharon is an expert in online marketing, specializing in acquisition and growth strategies. On her downtime, she loves spending time with her family and catching up on classic cult movies.

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