The Advantages of Using Multiple Delivery Vendors

Email is a popular and versatile format, which consistently brings in high ROI for brands. However, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. Before you even get started, you need to choose your delivery vendor.

If you’re a high volume mailer, you’ve most likely experienced that choosing the right delivery vendor can be a frustrating case of compromising on wants in order to cover needs. Different vendors offer different features, different deliverability, and different UX. Whichever one you have opted for, you’re likely to benefit from some segments of your audience at the expense of other segments.

But Email Marketers today don’t have to choose a single delivery vendor, and can enjoy all worlds.

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Which Email Platform Is Best For Your Marketing Needs

Email is a high-performing, high ROI channel. The highest, in fact, if you can get it right. However, there is more to email than great content.

The solution you use for sending your emails can also make a big
difference when it comes to both performance and cost. on-premise MTA, Cloud-based email service, or hybrid solution – which is best for you?

If you’re not sure, our guide will give you all the information you need to know.

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Set-up for Success: Creating a More Efficient Email Marketing Operation

The email marketing world is rapidly evolving, and in the last few years there’s a growing trend, calling for streamlining performance by separating of the front-end platform from back-end delivery vendors.

A solution like this enables marketers access to an email marketing platform that teams-up an agile approach with the flexibility needed for and efficient operation.

This whitepaper focuses on the unique offering of such platforms, and the ways they can boost efficiency, deliverability and ROI.

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Building a Strong and Agile Email Operation

The email marketing world is vast; there are countless platforms and infrastructures that marketers can use to send emails from.

This whitepaper focuses on the unique Ongage offering and best-of-breed approach. These email marketing platforms offer agility
and flexibility for email marketers, by separating the front-end platform from the back-end delivery vendors.

We review the many cost, value and time benefits marketers stand to gain under this option.

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Why Hybrid Email Solutions are better than SaaS and On-Premise

Last year, over 180 billion daily emails were sent. By 2017, that number is expected to reach over 206 billion. With 54% of emails being marketing emails , it is no surprise that email marketers are always searching for tools, tips, and tricks to get the upper hand. Performance marketers, marketing agencies, companies who market their own brand, and ecommerce outfits all compete to find email marketing solutions that will best support their email marketing activity. Choosing the right email marketing infrastructure for your business is a crucial decision that will affect your operation, costs, deliverability and performance. So what are your main options?

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Multiple Email Service Providers

There are more than 400 email service providers out there, using just one limits your scope and success within your day-to-day email marketing operation.

Boost performance and engagement with the multiple email service provider approach. Find out how this can be done and why you should have been doing this yesterday.

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  • How to get into more inboxes and maximize ROI
  • How to reduce your email marketing costs
  • How to easily setup backup systems for redundancy
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Optimizing Micro-Deliverability to Improve Email Profitability

Email filters are a fact of life for email marketers. They’re needed to filter out egregious spam; but often legitimate email messages are mistakenly filtered as spam – they are the “collateral damage” of filtering.

Many deliverability issues are caused by sender reputation – but some are ESP-specific. It’s not that the ESP is doing a poor job, it’s a numbers game. The more email sent, the more susceptible they are to deliverability issues. Most are minor and corrected in hours or days, but in the meantime…the email isn’t getting delivered.

Download this free white paper to find out:

  • Why micro-deliverability has been difficult to optimize, until now.
  • What smart email marketers are doing to leverage micro-deliverability to their advantage.
  • How one email marketer optimized his micro-deliverability and saw a 33% increase in revenue generated as a result.
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