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Front end for hire!

Are you an SMTP Relay or an Email Service provider with an outdated front end? Combine your technology with ours to create a complete and enhanced customized email marketing platform for your customers.

Become an Ongage reseller and offer Ongage’s ready-made email marketing campaign management interface to your customers.

Why become a reseller?

The best of both worlds

Combine the deliverability and cost effectiveness of your SMTP Relay, MTA or ESP with a ready-to-go advanced front-end platform.

User-friendly, fully-featured front end

Featuring advanced list and campaign management, segmentation, marketing automation, A/B testing and analytics reports. For more detail visit our Features Page.

Plug-and-Play connectivity

Quick and easy connectivity for new customers once the initial connection is setup. We connect to a long list of leading vendors, so checkout our vendor list to see if you’re already on it.

Support with marketing materials

Incorporate our marketing materials into your own or use ours independently to easily promote our joint solution to your customers. We provide messaging, imagery and ready materials.

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“We were sending emails with our own private MTA, using an old version of our internally designed front-end, and with SendGrid, a cloud based SMTP relay. Moving to Ongage has unified and transformed our operation, saving us time and money, and allowing us to rapidly and efficiently grow our email marketing campaigns.”

– Dan Kleinman, CEO, Jottix Media

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