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Upgrade your email marketing stack

The email-focused ActiveCampaign alternative

Ongage is for email
marketers who don’t need another CRM

ActiveCampaign comes with a built-in CRM. Ongage is for email marketers who
want to drive higher revenue and sales with email, without having to switch to a new CRM.

14-days free

“You don’t get to this size unless you can track and measure metrics effectively, while constantly improving the content you’re emailing. Ongage plays a pivotal role in our ability to do so.”

Joshua Blumenfeld

CEO and Founder @MyJobHelper


Revenue Increase


Email list growth


Revenue Increase


Email list growth

Companies trust Ongage to drive higher revenue with email

Email marketers need an email marketing tool

ActiveCampaign is building an email-slash-sales-slash-CRM tool. Senders that already have landing pages, sales and CRM covered put their email operation at risk when choosing an “all-in-one” vendor.

The risk of choosing an “all-in-one” tool

“Active Campaign has a lot of functionality, but […] I would not recommend it to someone who wants simply an email service.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

“The majority of our emails, more than 40%, were not delivered or delivered to spam.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

“As it has so many layers, users who aren’t utilizing all the features on a regular basis may feel overwhelmed by the vast options.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

“The platform is often slow as well, especially if you have a bigger list.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

“Creating segments is not intuitive and is actually an onerous process.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

“When there is a bounce, the automations continue. They should stop and notify us.”

Verified ActiveCampaign review on G2

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage

Engage your list and sell more
with an expert email marketing platform

Improve email performance without updating your company’s entire sales approach. Send campaigns based on real-time customer data, build meaningful relationships, and start driving higher revenue with email.

We won’t ask you to change CRMs

Sync data to and from your own CRM when customers take action. No need to migrate your whole list to a new CRM.

Email campaigns that drive sales

Send campaigns based on user behavior. Get a deeper knowledge of your audience and turn those insights into revenue.

Analytics that improve your future campaigns

Learn from, react, and optimize your campaigns based on real-time analytics.

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage

Choose the ActiveCampaign alternative that prioritizes email


Use your own, trusted CRM

ActiveCampaign is a good fit if you need a built-in CRM. Ongage is a feature-rich platform that takes your email marketing to new limits, without changing your current CRM.
“We use Ongage on a daily basis to send out 400-500k
emails (mix of manual and automated campaigns) and have been able to heavily customize contact fields to suit the needs of our business.”

Jonathan Galos

Product Growth Manager @DISQO


Target the right people with the right message

Create micro-segments with up to 150 data points. Send emails that are impossible to ignore and grab more clicks.
“We regularly send out large scale email campaigns and naturally want to target our members at the right time with relevant offers. Ongage has been valuable as we push towards having an even more personalized and dynamic offering.”

Alec Dobbie

CEO & Co-Founder @FanFinders


Personalize emails to each subscriber

Create different personas based on data that exists in Ongage or your CRM. Use dynamic content to personalize campaigns at scale and make your emails more relevant.
“This is exactly the product we needed to grow our email program. The functionality of A/B testing and WYSIWYG edit to create dynamic templates was not only easy to use, but absolutely crucial.”

Cintia H.

Email Marketing Manager


Automate sales based on your customers’ journey

Integrate with your favorite CRM, track user behavior and send trigger-based campaigns. Improve email performance based on customer action and personal data points.
“Best integration with backend delivery. By far the best segmentation I’ve seen. So customizable that I’ve been with Ongage for four years now and haven’t even explored half of it.”

Harold Gross

Owner @CreateYourCruise


Total control of your email reputation

When you join Ongage, you get a dedicated IP that’s clean and ready to use. Avoid influences from bad senders on a shared IP and keep your reputation safe.
“With Ongage an organization can closely manage and improve reputation by controlling the IP you send to your consumer and prospect segments.”

Neil R.



Save up to 30 days warming your IP

Warming up your IP manually can take 2 to 4 weeks, if not more. Warm up your IP automatically with Ongage and get an account that’s ready for you to hit send.
“With Ongage we are always warming IPs and ready to redirect traffic on a moment’s notice, literally with the flick of a switch.”

Greg Weitzman

President @Financial Media Marketing


Land more
emails in the inbox

ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a built-in spam tester. With Ongage, you can verify your spam score before you send. Make sure your emails land where they’re supposed to.
“If you are looking to maximize your delivery and have instant support, as well as find out where you are NOT delivering to. Ongage is steps above the competition.”

Dan Traina

Email Marketing Manager


Send transactional and promotional emails separately

Improve deliverability by using independent mailstreams. Send transactional and promotional emails using different IPs and subaccounts.
“We are able to manage several lists under one roof, which means if an IP or ESP needs to be changed, it does not impact our list management. This is a huge benefit.”

Greg Weitzman

President @Financial Media Marketing


Outperform yesterdays’ email campaign

Go beyond surface level analytics. Make data-driven improvements to your campaigns based on bounce rates, recipient OS, subject lines, tags, segments, and campaign performance.
“With the help of Ongage we were able to stabilize our performance in the long term, and increase deliverability, open rates and click rates.”

Oula Lehtinen

COO & Co-Founder @Draivi Media


Increase in open rates


Increase in click-to-open rate

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage

Agency owner? Manage multiple clients within one ESP

Use dedicated IPs for each client and track campaign performance separately. Manage multiple campaigns and clients from one central location.

Fast support

Free onboarding

Account manager

99.95% uptime

”Ongage allowed us to scale our email activities in a short period in multiple countries. No other platform could give us the features and overall delivery that was needed to achieve this. We know, we tried a lot of competitors.”

Ferry Van Hoolwerff

Email Marketing Specialist

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage feature comparison

Ongage is for SMBs that want to improve email marketing performance


Best for

Email and sales automation in a single systems

Improved email marketing performance and revenue


Pay for their CRM even if you don’t need it

Bring your own
Sync or integrate your own CRM for sales automation

Free trial

14-day free trial

14-day free trial with unlimited sending volume

A/B testing

Up to 5 emails at once

Up to 10 emails at once


Limited to:

conditions in a segment

"Action" type conditions

conditions using the "Contains" operator

Segment your lists using unlimited conditions

Dynamic content

Data fields existing in ActiveCampaign only

HTML, RSS, and JSON feeds
Pull data from outside sources such as your CRM

Automated IP warming

Increase deliverability and sending limits

IP address

Used simultaneously by multiple users

Not affected by other senders’ actions

Multi SMTP support relay

Send from ActiveCampaign servers

Send via +15 SMTP relays and MTAs, including Amazon SES, SparkPost, and SendGrid.

Custom reports


Matrix (ISP/vendor connection)

Exportable data


Engagement & Deliverability
Soft and hard bounces
Bounce reason
Unsubscribe and resubscribe

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage pricing comparison

Ongage costs less and won’t make you pay for features you don’t need


10,000 contacts

Lite - $139/mo

Plus - $229/mo

Professional - $339/mo

Start - $99/mo

Grow - $129/mo

Scale - $189/mo

25,000 contacts

Lite - $229/mo

Plus - $379/mo

Professional - $549/mo

Start - $219/mo

Grow - $269/mo

Scale - $399/mo

Are you an ActiveCampaign user?

Switch from ActiveCampaign in a flash

Want to start driving higher revenue with emails?

Instantly connect your current SMTP relay to Ongage to continue sending, with zero downtime. Or use Ongage’s built-in SMTP for an end-to-end sending solution.
“More than the software platform itself, I’ve received remarkable support. Their Head of Customer Success has gone above and beyond to ensure my team is satisfied with and making the most out of Ongage, going so far as to provide tailored training sessions and to seek out solutions for our unique sending pattern.”

Courtney Sylvester

Research Associate @Hanover Research

Hit your email goals with a
feature-rich email marketing platform

Don’t pay for sales automation when your goal is to improve email performance.

14-days free

ActiveCampaign vs Ongage

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Ongage supports a wide range of verticals and clients. Please contact us for more details.

Yes, we provide flexible plans, allowing users to upgrade and downgrade their accounts according to their needs.

Depending on your email operation requirements, migrating to your own Ongage and relaunching your operation can take a few days to a few weeks.

Ongage provides several tools and capabilities that will help you to reach more inboxes, including automatic warm-up, segmentation according to engagement level, bounce reason identification, and much more!

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