Email and SMS campaigns with XML integration to Indeed

The End User

CareerCO Is a membership-based internet company that connects millions of people with opportunities in
employment, training, and education. They operate on a large scale and meet the complex and growing demands of
their business by creating the most flexible, robust, and scalable solutions in the industry.

The Leader

Trey Bennett, VP of Member Communication

The Project

Managing multiple lists across multiple channels like email and text messaging.
In addition, integrating with a third-party provider, indeed, which specialize in jobs placement content.

The Challenge

CareerCo operated a complex eco-system of member communications, comprised of millions of emails sent daily,
with different jobs featured to every segment. CareerCo would then follow up with an SMS text message.
These multi-channel campaigns were cumbersome and time-consuming to set up and impossible to track in real-time.
In an effort to improve its communication with millions of customers, CareerCo decided to use behavioral targeted
emails and to integrate their email marketing with an Indeed XML feed that provides employment opportunities by job
title and zip code. In addition, CareerCo aimed to target subscribers who opened the email messages with
SMS text communication.
They needed a system with behavioral targeted emails and built-in integration to Indeed along with a command center
to manage all their campaigns and easily gauge their performance data. The challenge was finding a solution with this
feature set that could reduce costs and eliminate the need for technical manpower to manage complex integrations.

The Goal

CareerCo’s goals were multifaceted: cost reduction, technical integrations, and cross-channel
reporting and optimizations.

The Background

Prior to Ongage, CareerCo used multiple vendors. To get a holistic view of their member communications, they
manually combined data sets from different channels. The need to integrate to one platform prompted a search for
a comprehensive member communications solution.

The Solution

When Bennett identified his need, he sought a solution that would enable him to simplify and automate the process of managing multiple lists
and platforms across multiple channels. In his thorough research of cross-platform solutions, he discovered Ongage.
According to Bennett, “Ongage is the only solution that met out needs.” He was delighted to find that the system could manage both the email
and SMS channels and aggregate results from both. Furthermore, the integration needed with Indeed’s XML was available “out of the box.”
Bennett had an important requirement beyond the distinctive feature set: he needed to reduce his costs and increase his ROI.
Using Ongage, he was able to transition most of his trigger and drip campaigns away from expensive ESPs to lower-cost SMTP relays, without
needing to bear the cost of building his own front-end.
Bennett says “I don’t even recall the integration time. We were up and running before I was ready to plug in my ESPs.”
Of the project, Bennett says, “From scheduling to reporting the entire process is a breeze. A best benefit of the system’s simplicity is that it
allows me to offload most of the work to our less experienced employees freeing time for me!”
Overall, with Ongage, CareerCo’s member communications operation become much simpler to operate. With Ongage, they can now create and
send campaigns in no time, can easily get statistics about each segment, and have found innovative and creative ways to reach their subscriber
base. In doing so, they were able to save both time and money.

The Results

    1. CareerCo uses the Ongage system to send millions of emails every day
    1. Some of the best-converting trigger email campaigns use dynamic content pumped from Indeed
    1. They use multiple Amazon SMTP relay accounts to save costs
    1. The Ongage dashboard aggregates their email and SMS campaign results
    1. ROI was realized by saving money and man hours

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