Get the technological and cost-effective benefits of Amazon SES.
Add the conveniences of a professional-grade, user-friendly email marketing
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Advanced GUI for Amazon SES,
Ongage comes with a full-featured, email marketing platform including advanced campaign management and analytics.
Automate your operations, increase efficiencies and maximize ROI.

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Key Benefits

Ongage different. Ongage is better. Here’s how Ongage can help you use Amazon SES:

  • Enhance your Amazon SES Email Software with our full-featured user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface), with advanced email campaign management, and in-depth one-of-a-kind email performance analytics.
  • Improve email deliverability and inbox placement.
  • Increase your ability to track post-click performance data from post click registrations to shopping cart events and purchases.
  • Maximize email performance and ROI.
  • Gain an additional layer of functionality for Amazon SES, including: full email content management, campaign management, multiple list management, aggregated time and campaign analytics, event based campaigns, and A/B split testing.
  • Connect to all major ESPs and SMTP service providers.
  • Harness the strength of multiple email service providers and SMTP services for each campaign.

Free Trial Offer

Our Free Trail enables you to:

  • Sign-up and get a 14 day free-trial to one of the best email marketing front-ends for Amazon SES in the market today!
  • Hook-up your Amazon SES account to Ongage with an easy plug-and-play interface.
  • Check-out our robust campaign management, event based campaigns, A/B split testing, advanced segmentation manager, in-depth aggregated email campaign and performance analytics & much more!
  • Cancel any time – there are no strings attached.

How It Works

At the heart of the Ongage technology is a multi-provider gateway and a comprehensive aggregating analytics engine. We did not stop at being the world’s first email marketing platform that is connected to multiple email service providers. We developed our state-of-the-art analysis to enrich your Amazon SES email marketing results: whether you use one SMTP service or many service providers, Ongage is the best Amazon SES service enhancer.

The platform offers email marketers the ability to easily select the best performing SMTP Service (and/or ESP), for each geographic region, recipient domain (,,, etc.), campaign or segment. The result is: improved email deliverability, inbox placement, operational efficiencies, and increased ROI.

Ongage’s advanced email reporting system provides marketers with in-depth analytics featuring the ability to view the exact deliverability and performance of each ESP and SMTP Service used within the platform. Moreover, the platform enables the ability to optimize micro-deliverability, whereby small increases in deliverability result in large increases in email marketing performance as a result of better inbox placement.

Amazon SES

Ongage comes with built-in connectivity to several major cloud-based SMTP services in the market, including: Dyn, and SendGrid’s cloud-based email infrastructure.

Ongage provides organizations using such infrastructure with a full-featured user-friendly front-end email marketing GUI. Easily access our state-of-art cloud SMTP services – without IT or API development efforts.

About Ongage

Ongage was founded in 2011 by a team of entrepreneurial professionals who have been working in email marketing in particular, and digital marketing in general, for over a decade. Ongage was born out of a sister company’s real need: to work with several email delivery providers in parallel, which created several operational and analytical challenges for the organization. Ongage provided a solution for these difficulties and has since evolved into an integrated multiservice email provider that ultimately frees up marketers’ time to plan and create meaningful email communications.

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