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  • Marketing Automation

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Key Benefits

  • Ongage is a revolutionary email marketing platform that connects to multiple ESPs and SMTP relays.
  • Improve email delivery and increase email marketing performance
  • Reduce sending costs, automate email marketing, boost ROI
  • Connected to 40+ leading ESPs and SMTP relays including: Amazon
    SES, Dyn, SendGrid, and more!
  • Connects to on premise and private SMTP servers, like PowerMTA and others..


The Ongage SMTP Synergy

Ongage offers one of the best SMTP front-ends in the market, with full plug-and-play connectivity to all leading cloud SMTP relay services and on premise (aka private/in-house) SMTP relays. Coupling Ongage with an SMTP relay provides for a solution that is very cost efficient and scalable. You can use Ongage with your existing SMTP service, or get advice from one of our email specialists will provide you with free consultation, on a setup that will best fit your needs and budget.

How It Works

Ongage is a revolutionary email marketing platform that connects to multiple email service providers (ESPs), and SMTP relays. Ongage was designed to help organizations improve email delivery, increase email marketing performance, reduce sending costs, automate email marketing, and boost ROI.

What’s unique about Ongage, is that it enables marketers to send emails (transactional and/or bulk) via more than one SMTP vendor at the same time, so that marketers can test, choose and use the SMTPs that best meet their email delivery, cost and performance needs.

About Ongage

Ongage was founded in 2011 by a team of entrepreneurial professionals who have been working in email marketing in particular, and digital marketing in general, for over a decade. Ongage was born out of a sister company’s real need: to work with several email delivery providers in parallel, which created several operational and analytical challenges for the organization. Ongage provided a solution for these difficulties and has since evolved into an integrated multiservice email provider that ultimately frees up marketers’ time to plan and create meaningful email communications.

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