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    Enjoy advanced features for A/B tests, drip campaigns, transactional emails and more

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Our great features


Multi-ESP Routing


Seamlessly route emails through ESPs, SMTP Relays, and MTAs. Create segments based on email domain such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL, and route each domain through the ideal delivery provider.


Segment Routing


Easily route your messages by target audience and segment. Create segments based on email activity type, customer activity level and more
to significantly cut costs and ensure reliable deliverability for your most important customers.


Continuous Optimization


Consult with our email specialists to select the best email provider combination for your specific goals. Compare benchmark open and click-through rates by email delivery provide.

What people are saying

Ongage Rocks! I just wanted to tell you that you have revolutionized the way email marketing should be done. Ever since both of our accounts have been setup we have been getting better inbox placement, receiving more webinar registrations, and breaking sales goals. Not to mention all of the hours I have been able to reclaim in my day. Thanks for your hard work and dedication within our account. I am very happy and pleased with this service.Jason Benedict, Director of Online Marketing & Internal Operations, RealPrompt Real Estate

Ongage’s robust platform has allowed us to rapidly and efficiently grow our email marketing campaigns. Ongage’s technical support staff has consistently responded to support requests well within 24 hours. Sean Wyatt, VP of Operations, Silver Tap

We were sending emails with our own private MTA, using an old version of our internally designed front-end, and with SendGrid, a cloud based SMTP relay. Moving to Ongage has unified and transformed our operation, saving us time and money, and allowing us to rapidly and efficiently grow our email marketing campaigns. Dan Kleinman, General Manager, Jottix Media

By using Ongage platform we started getting great response for our promotions in both SMS and emails with an amazing detailed reportsOmar Ibrahim, Marketing Director, CMSTrader

Ongage has helped us turn email marketing into a valuable touch point with our users. Whether it’s their A/B testing, events management or Analytics, they have a set of mature features to help you improve Click-Through Rates and conversions. Their support and sales team has been a great partner to ensure that all the tools and marketing opportunities are being optimized to their fullest!Alex Galasso, User Retention Manager, Playtika Canada

We used to work with our own internal email marketing solution when we got the Ongage suggestion from one of your business partners. We thought that we were quite good with the technique we had but in review i’ve to say that we were not even close to the Ongage solution. Their system is really straight forward and the setup and the first test got realised in no time. The options within the system are limitless and they come with new updates all the time. We would recommend to everyone who wants to get serious about mail marketing and we´re looking forward to work with them for a long time!Lars Ruebel, Head of Marketing, InterMaxGroup AG, Switzerland

Ongage is an excellent platform to manage our lists over different ESP’s from one point. Of course there were a number of issues getting everything connected properly, but the people from Ongage take ownership of solving the issue and act pro-actively. Which makes it a pleasure to work with them!Alex de Wit, Marketing Manager, Sam Media BV

Ongage is undeniably a useful tool for market research via direct emailing. More importantly, we use Ongage to gain better understanding of customers’ behavior and market targeting… Relevant emails have helped increase the open rate and response rate while reducing unsubscribe and complain rates…. Ongage customer support is one of the finest I have dealt with. They are extremely helpful.Anas Ramadan, Statistician, Detroit Trading