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Ongage API

Ongage offers a full featured, modern, state-of-the-art API, enabling businesses to harness the power of OngageConnect™ directly from their existing platforms. Moreover the OngageConnect™ front-end is built entirely on top of our own API, in Silicon Valley speak -- "we eat our own dog food". Key features include:

  • API Protocol: REST using JSON
  • List Management: Full API control of your email lists.
  • Content Management: Full API control for creating and updating email messages.
  • Campaign Scheduling: Full API control for scheduling campaigns and sending transactional emails.
  • Reporting: Full API control for retrieving email marketing reports.

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OngageConnect™ List of Key Features

Campaign Management

  • Advanced email campaign management
  • Split campaigns (aka A/B Testing)
  • Campaign throttling
  • Campaign quotas
  • Test emails: easily send a test campaign to either ad hoc test emails or a test segment/seed list
  • Litmus built-in integration: see how your message looks across 30+ email clients and devices and get screenshots in minutes.
  • Include and exclude segments per campaign for precise audience targeting
  • Set ESP delivery routing per account, per list or per campaign

Email Marketing Automation

  • Event based campaigns (aka drip campaigns, auto responders, event triggered emails)
  • Recurring events (aka recurring campaigns)
  • Transactional emails (aka transactional triggers, e.g., welcome emails, purchase receipt, etc.)
  • Conversions pixels for tracking post click conversions
  • Built-in automated transactional welcome email feature that doesn’t require API coding
  • Form Builder (see below for more details)

Email Content Management

  • Email (and SMS) message library
  • Image Library
  • WYSIWYG and HTML email and template Editor
  • Template Library
  • Email preview provided at all steps of email creation and campaign configuration process
  • Easy management of multiple sender names, sender emails and reply email addresses
  • Customizable unsubscribe link
  • Customizable unsubscribe confirmation text
  • Mirror links for displaying received email in a web browser as well

Content Personalization and Dynamic Content

  • Email content personalization using dynamic fields (aka merge fields)
  • Support for a variety of feeds, for populating emails with dynamic content directly from the web, including:
    • HTML feed
    • RSS feed
    • XML feed

List Management

  • Manage multiple lists
  • Suppression lists (that can be applied globally on the account level, or list level or on a per-campaign basis)
  • Easily add, name, rename and delete list fields
  • List domain distribution overview
  • List growth analysis
  • Import CSV
  • Export
  • Add, delete and unsubscribe list members
  • Advanced list search

Advanced Segment Management

  • Easily create segments with a user friendly UI
  • Easily create "AND" "OR" logic groupings
  • Advanced behavioral segmentation
    • Opens, Clicks, Conversion Points. including the ability to create criteria based on the number of opens, clicks, etc. that occurred within in a certain time frame
    • Geo, Device, and Browser segmentation: ability to segment based on opens and clicks, in a given country/ries and/or device, e.g., iOS/Android, etc.

Form Builder

  • User friendly wizard for creating subscriber (lead) collection forms that can be inserted into your website, thus enabling contact details collection directly to your Ongage list without any API coding

Automatic Bounce and Unsubscribe Management

  • Ongage automatically removes all hard bounces, unsubscribes and complaints, and sets their status to inactive, so that they will not be sent to again

Tracking and Advanced Analytics Module

  • Robust and in-depth email marketing delivery and performance analytics
  • Variety of analytic dashboards for: campaigns, events (aka triggered), a/b/ split campaigns and transactional
  • Unique matrix report providing high-resolution delivery and performance analysis grouped by ESP and recipient ISP domains
  • An aggregated report that includes analysis per campaign, per segment, per geo (country), per OS/device
  • Automatic tracking of all opens, clicks, and post click conversions
  • Post click conversions analysis such as sign-ups, shopping cart activity, purchases per email campaign
  • In-depth member activity report for stats on all the open and click stats of a given contact across all campaigns in a given timeframe
  • Support for Google Analytics URLs

Account Management

  • Account settable time zones
  • Manage multiple users, with a variety of role types, permissions, and access

Front-End for Cloud and On-Premise SMTP Relays

  • Ongage offers one of the best SMTP front-ends in the market, with the ability to connect to all leading cloud SMTP vendors as well as on premise (aka private/in-house) SMTP servers.

Multi-ESP and SMTP Email Routing and Optimization

  • Plug-ins for over 40 ESP and SMTP vendors
  • Seamlessly route emails via multiple vendors via one convenient front-end
  • Seamlessly route emails via multiple accounts on the same ESP via one convenient front-end
  • ESP search function
  • Easily test, select and simultaneously work with several email sending vendors that best meet your business needs and budget, thus enabling you to load balance your email marketing costs, delivery and performance.

Advanced 3rd Party Plug-In Services

  • Adstation
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • JobDiagnosis
  • JuJu
  • Magento
  • SMS Text Message Marketing

Full Featured API

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